Start of our Journey 8-3-2016

Kent & I started our new adventure this morning, but not without a delay.  I forgot my phone in the car locked at home.  Thanks to Sandy’s help we finally left Frentress with a lot of mixed emotions, and a fully loaded boat.  Kent & I would always say when heading back to our slip ” Wouldn’t it be nice to just keep on going down river”  well today we got our wish.


Leaving Frentress


We got through the our 1st lock #12 without a delay, doors were open.  We saw to bucks swimming across the river in front of us after Sabula.  Had a two hr. delay at Fulton lock #13 set an anchor and I got wet.  The weather is very hot and sunny with a slight breeze.  While waiting for the lock the Nina & Pinta passed us (they got special treatment and locked before us) so we waited another 30 minutes.

We traveled 55 miles ending our day at Leclaire city dock with no amenities except spiders.

We had a wonderful first day with no problems, hope they are all this great.

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  1. Marc & Michele says:

    God Speed!

    1. jansyverson says:

      Thanks so far it is more than I expected love it.

  2. Marina, Tony and Fred (Lily, too) says:

    I hate good byes, Jan, but I hope Kent gave you a big hug from me. We are jealous beyond words, so have a double good time for us! Keep us posted because you are always in our thoughts, especially when we see that big hole next to us. Fred is confused. God speed.

    1. jansyverson says:

      Yes he did miss you guys and Fred the trip is so much more than expected we are loving it and met our first loopers. Love you guys see you in Florida

  3. Beth melancen says:

    Safe travels.

  4. Suzy says:

    Ella & Lucy and g=ma Suzy say bon voyage with Love ….Kisses and hugs!

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