Fairport Landing on the Mississippi

Thursday morning started out with a visit from Ron McKinney, a retired coworker of Kent’s and friend.  He brought us doughnuts, which I didn’t need to eat, but were so good.  Ron was so nice to give Kent a ride to get ice, before we left the dock.  Were finding out already that an offer for transportation for items we need, is appreciated.

We left the City Dock about 8:30 & had to wait for our first lock #14 for 1.5 hrs.  We got through lock #15 and both bridges at Davenport without much of a wait.

It was a hot short day, only navigating 34 miles and stopping for the night at Fairport landing.  Tim the owner was there to grab our lines.  The marina doesn’t offer a lot of amenities,  but they had electric hook up.  Yes AC, we’re in heaven what more do you need.  We tied up,  hooked up, and cooled off.  I proceeded to write my first blog posting and still have all my hair.  Then we checked out the restaurant/bar for a drink.  The restaurant had no AC but lots of big fans & was filled with a collection of beer signs, tapers, and a wall of beer cans.   Kent (who collects Grain Belt) found Grain Belt beer cans, but no Grain Belt tapers.

The evening ended with a thunderstorm which consisted of strong winds, lighting, and rain.  We went to sleep with it still raining, my favorite sound.


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  1. John Hasken says:

    Good job and enjoy the ride..hope the boat does well and make sure the broom handle isn’t close to the shower door:)
    Jack & Sarah

    1. jansyverson says:

      We will sorry we missed saying goodby. Thanks again for the great party you guys are great take care.

  2. Paul and Linda says:

    We are so happy that you have begun the adventure of a lifetime. Karen says hi and hope you have a good trip. I will send and email soon. Love you and miss you. Linda & Paul/ Nova Scotia.

    1. jansyverson says:

      Good Morning was good to hear from you. We are doing great and enjoying each day love and miss you to.

  3. Julie Kurt says:

    Have a great trip and will enjoy reading your blog!

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