First Bollard

bol·lard ˈbälərd/ A short, thick post on the deck of a ship or on a wharf, to which a ship’s rope may be secured.

The weather today is sunny and we’re heading for lock #19…a 30 ft. drop, and the first one with a bollard “great”.  Dale Harper…where are you when I need you?  Wow I did it first try, I was so worried about not getting the rope on the bollard.   The lock master said I did better than some barge guys.  One done and many to go, should be pretty good at it I hope.  It really helps when you have a good captain that came stop the boat alongside the bollard.  Thanks dear.


Lock 20 & 21 we floated only 6″ drop.  Still traveling by ourselves. Wanted to stop in Hannibal, Missouri, however we questioned the water depth next to the dock.  We both agreed it could be unsafe and not worth the risk.

There are a lot of marinas on this trip, however we are finding it hard for our boat to safely navigate in them.

Then Good News…we found safe anchorage tonight thanks to ‘Active Captain’.  We stayed by Gilbert’s Island.  It was beautiful and so peaceful with no one around, but Kent and I.


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