Grafton, Il. 8-11-16

This morning was so nice and peaceful as we pulled anchor and started navigating down the Mississippi River.  Our first lock #24 (there is no #23) was a two hr. wait.  The water is high and very dirty which means no swimming for me while we wait.

We saw two canoes traveling with a saying on the side of their boats “New Orleans or bust” they floated through the lock with us.image


Sunday was a very long day…we finally stopped at our destination in Grafton Harbor, Il at 7 pm.  It was overwhelming navigating into the harbor, filling with fuel, pumping out and then moving into the slip after a long hot day.IMG_9698

We were greeted by Don & Joan our first loopers that we met along with Inky their dog. Don and Joan are from Idaho and started the loop in July on Lake Michigan.  They are however pulling their boat today, with Kent’s help, and going home for a month.  When they return Inky will not be with them as boating is not his thing.  We hope to join up with them later on the trip. (Photo below)


On Monday we met Lee and Boomer his dog, doing the loop in a 25′ sail boat.   Lee is from Texas, in his early 40’s and has quit his job, sold his house, and is on his last leg of the great loop.

Kent and Lee became instead friends, I am sure Kent was glad to have somebody else to spend time with besides me.   It was so nice to finally met loopers but sad that Lee & Boomer were close to crossing their wake.


Kent and I decided to stay until Thursday morning as we need some down time after traveling over 356 miles.  When we leave this marina we will officially start the loop, and will cross our wake here in 13 months on our way home.

The marina is very nice with a lot of amenities including a swimming pool.  So I walk in the morning and swim in the after noon, what more can you want.



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  1. Burkies says:

    Sure enjoying your blog!! We saw these canoers go by Guttenberg last wkend. We docked with Mona & Carrs for a fun-filled wk-end. Please continue your story; very fun for us “non-loopers” 😃

  2. PAM pfohl says:

    Sounds exciting……stay safe⛴🛳

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