Thursday 8-11-16

We left Grafton Marina at 7:30 this morning and already it’s hot and humid, but there’s a breeze that helps.  Our first lock #26 was one with a bollard and I nailed it, things were  going great, until Kent asked” do you have the back fender down”.  Well the answer to that was no.  Thank goodness no damage was done, I now put that fender down first as not to forget.

We now just past the mouth of the Missouri River and heading for our last lock on the Mississippi  #27. image

We are navigating on the Missouri river and entering the Chain of rocks canal.  All Mariners must use this canal to bypass rock dam across the old main channel.  The old main channel has a natural geologic formation and an old river control structure.  This is a four ft. drop about 300 feet below a castle or rock like water intake for the city of St. Louis.  The channel however is very narrow and busy with barges.  Glad I wasn’t navigating through this mess.  I asked Kent if this made him nervous and he said “no but going into unknown marines does”.  Glad to hear I ‘m not the only one that gets nervous.  I have a good captain so we will do great.

Captain Kent


We went pass St. Louis and saw the arch.  We now have a fast current and we are traveling 11.6 mile/hr.  We have to really watch what is in front of us as there are a lot of logs floating.

The Arch

We are ending a very hot day at Hoppies in Kimmswick, Mo. a must stop place for fuel and a chance to meet Fern.  She will tell you anything you need to know about the river. Once we leave her we have to keep going as not enough fuel for a return trip up the Mississippi.  I asked Kent (joking) if we should continue and we decide that we are having to much fun to turn around.  We maybe staying at Hoppies for another day depending on weather tomorrow.  I would like to walk to town if it’s not to hot.

The marina is not much to look at but the hospitality makes up for it.  They have electric, water, and ice all the comforts of home.

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