Wednesday 8-10-16

We are still at Grafton Harbor, Il. our last day.  The weather is way to hot to walk, so I did laundry and exercised in the pool, now how great is that.


Kent and I went to Aeries Winery on top of a hill looking out on the river.  We found out if you called the winery they will come and get you at the marina.  The winery was highly recommend for their great view, good food, and wine.  We had wine and a great lunch and the view was breathtaking.  When you look out on the river you can see where the Mississippi and the Illinois rivers intersection.

We would have love to sit and enjoy our lunch outside enjoying the view, however the weather outside isn’t enjoyable.   We opted to sit inside where it was cool and enjoy the view.

imageI bought a bottle of Pinot Grigio to have with our lunch.  They were nice to cork the wine that was left so we could take it with us and finish it on the boat.  Here is to all my family and friends that enjoy a glass of good wine.


When we got back to the harbor a Main Ship looper boat was docking.  We met Dave,   Jane, and William their cat.   They started the loop in North fork, Virginia where they purchased the boat.

We will be leaving in the morning, but Dave is staying another night at Grafton Harbor.

The best part of a perfect day (thanks to modern technology) is being able to face time our family.  It was so great to see them all.  Can’t believe that we have only been gone for a week.

We have officially started the loop in Grafton, Il. and will cross our wake in a year at this very spot.


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