Friday 8-12-16

We decided to spend one more night at Hoppies.  Kent suggested we walk to town in the morning for breakfast.  It sure was a good idea, however we were over an hour to early as nothing opens until 10 and closes at 3.  We walked around the town and waited for the Blue Owl Restaurant to open and it was well worth the wait.  The restaurant is well-known for their homemade pies.  The weather was hot as we waited and we both sure could use something to drink.  We met this young man in a red truck as we waited, playing poky man, and he said the closest store was three miles out-of-town.  As we waited for the restaurant to open this same young man had gone and got us each a big bottle of water.  We were thankful for the water and his kindness.  We wanted to pay him for the water, but he wouldn’t except and money.  It warmed our heart that there are kind helpful people in this world.


The Blue Owl

The restaurant bakes all their pies and cakes fresh every morning.  Their apple pies are baked upside down.  Mary Hostetter opened the restaurant in 1985.

On our walk back to the boat we talked to the owner of Smokey Joes, a BBQ place, that just opened three weeks prior.  He was just starting his smoking for the day and would be open after three for dinner.  We all know where Kent was planning on eating dinner.

When we returned to our boat Dave & Janice (Willy Nilly Ill), who we met at Grafton, just pulled in behind us.  It was so nice to see then again.  We decided to walk to town for dinner at Smokey Joes, the food was excellent and Kent was very happy.   Of course we had to finishing  with ice cream at the ice cream parlor.

Dave -Janice-Kent

We all walked back to the boat (got my walking in for that day) and joined Fern and their friends for a nice visit.  The sky was getting darker and we finally had to head for the boats as the storm was coming.  We did some rocking and rolling but no problem weathering the storm.

Dave and Kent decided we would leave early in the morning as we had a long day of traveling ahead of us.  It will be nice to have some one to travel with.

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