Monday 8-14-16

WooHoo! We are now off the Mississippi and navigating on the Ohio River, fighting a strong current.  So instead of  12 m/h on the Mississippi we are down to 6.5 m/h.  Our day consisted of navigating 58 miles up the Ohio River with rain on and off all day.   Kent and I spent the day opening and closing windows on the fly bridge.  I guess we can’t complain at least it wasn’t so hot.

Kent is concerned about one fuel tank going down faster than other, hopping it’s a bad fuel gauge.

We have to be escorted through Olmstead lock as it’s under construction.  A small escort tug was waiting for us as we passed through the lock.  We were escorted through lock #52 on the Ohio as it’s being taken out.  The Willy Nilly III is in front of us .


When we got to Smithland lock & dam we just drove over the wickets.  They had lowered them all that morning, because the lock was broke.  We had 40 ft of water when we started and only 18 ft when we crossed the wickets.

We anchored in the Cumberland Towhead safe anchoring.  It was beautiful and the water was so clean and warm.  I had to go swimming, however there was a very strong current.  We had a storm.  I think that’s all it does anymore.  Kent and I both had a good nights sleep.





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