Saturday 8-13-16

The morning didn’t start out so great for me when we were leaving Hoppies.  I untied the wrong line (back) not taking into account the strong current and then the front.  To  make a long story short I got left on the dock.  Kent did come back for me, I guess he’s not trying to get ride of me yet.  I learned a good lesson always loop your last line around the cleat and then back to the boat, when getting ready to leave the dock.

We left Hoppies at 7:00, later than we wanted to due to the rain this morning, now traveling with Dave and Janice.  The weather is cool and cloudy for a change.  We traveled 42 miles and ended up staying at Kaskaskia River Lock & Dam Modoc, Il.  Mariners may tie off overnight to an outside floating guide wall below the lock.  We got tied up just in time before it started to rain.

Dave & Janice joined us on our boat for drinks in between the rain storms.


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