Sunday 8-14-16

We left the lock wall at 6:30 this morning in the rain, but the weather is cool.  The river is getting rough due to all the barge traffic.  I had to close front port holes because the waves were splashing that high.  I’ve never had to close them before when traveling.

It was a very long day traveling 100 miles.  We are now 8 miles before we turn on the Ohio River at Cario, Il.  The Mississippi River is getting very low, and terribly dirty.  Guess their right when they say the muddy Mississippi.

We had trouble finding safe anchorage due to low water.  We set the anchor and waited out another storm.  Kent was concerned about drifting as not much current to hold us. Sure enough at 11:30 I pulled the anchor, and we moved downstream more hoping this would hold us better.  Kent didn’t get much sleep as he was keeping an eye on the Drag Queen Anchor app on the I pad.  It locks into your GPS location and you can set it so an alarm will go off if it moves 100 ft. of course depending on what you set it up for.  I didn’t sleep well worrying about the captain not sleeping.  It was a worrisome long night which will make for a long day.  We will be ready for coffee in the morning.


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  1. Karen, says:

    Just got your posts from Sat. and Sunday. Been following your tracking, you have put in a couple long days since then. Take a break.

    1. jansyverson says:

      We are now in Green Turtle bay for a few days love you

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