Green Turtle Bay



We arrived at Green Turtle Bay marina on Tuesday, and were happy to see Lee and Boomer.  It was so nice that Lee stayed and extra day so we could spend some time together.  He has three weeks left on the loop, and we started the loop three weeks ago.  We said good-bye to Dave and Janice, they left their boat here and went home to North Carolina.

Grand River, Kentucky is a dry county, so no alcohol is served at the marinas club house.  We were allowed to bring our own bottle of alcohol when we went for dinner.  Club members have their own small wooden lockers in the club, so they leave their bottles.

Green Turtle Bay Marina offers many things including a spa and pool.  I didn’t take advantage of the spa, but took advantage of the pool and wonderful beach that overlooks Lake Barkley.

On our walk to the beach we saw deer.  They look up at you and then continue to eat grass.  Today I saw a mother and her fawn, it still had spots on it.


I took a bottle of wine with me and beer for Kent.  We walked to the beach in between the rain storms.  I had to drink the wine all by myself nobody to share it with.

On our way back Kent asked me if was enjoying the trip?  I told him yes it was wonderful and he told me he wasn’t with tears in his eyes.  He looked so unhappy it broke my heart.  He wanted to quite and go home.  I thought my world had collapsed.  He had only heard about all the horrible things that could happen I think he was worried and maybe even scared of the unknown.  He missed the kids and our friends back home.  Now what were we going to do.  He wished we would have turned around at Hoppies and went home.  Well it’s to late for that so now do we leave the boat and sell it, transport it back home, only ? no answers and a lot of tears from both of us.   My heart is breaking but I have to be supported of him.  Kent made several calls to our friend John Short, he was a a big help to Kent.  No decision was made at this time.

Kent and I used the marinas car and stocked up on fresh fruits and vegetables.
The grocery store was small sure not a HyVee,  but had what we needed.  I think that is the least amount of grocery I have ever bought.  Kent has now learned to go grocery shopping (goes but doesn’t like it).  The town is only a mile away and I have walked back and forth a few times.


Grand River, Kentucky is well-known for Patti’s 1880’s settlement, and their two-inch pork chop and giant baked potatoes.  They also serve flower-pot home-made bread.  It’s  served in clay flower pots with strawberry butter.  Kent and I shared the two inch pork chop meal and still couldn’t finish it all.  We walked around Patti’s settlement it has a small chapel, miniature golf, and a lot of small shops.


Kent and I had soup at Patti’s the first time we came to town.  Everything is served on pewter plates and bowls.  The decor has many vines and stain glass windows.  The waitress wear long pilgrim dresses.  I’m so glad we took advantage of stopping at Patti’s. We were also entertained by Grand Rivers Badgett Playhouse music and Memories on Friday night.  I was hoping this would cheer Kent up.


Today is the first day in two weeks we have not had rain.  I took advantage of it and washed the boat.  She needed a good bath not just wiped down.  

We are meeting a lot more loopers.  There are three looper boats in a row of which we are one of.  Every boat that comes in the first thing you look for is the loop flag.


We will be traveling with Mike and Cindy for the next wk. to Nashville, Tennessee their home port  where they will cross their wake and proudly fly the Gold burgee.  Their family and friends will be welcoming them home on Saturday.

We are leaving Green Turtle Bay Monday morning and taking our time getting to Nashville.  Will say goodbye to Mike and Cindy and continue up the Cumberland River for a while.  Nashville is one of our side trips and will be meeting Anita and Patrick over Labor Day weekend.  We are looking forward to seeing them.  Kent has decided to continue the trip I am so glad.

Things are going great other than a problem with our fuel sensor that is not working in the gas tank.  We were afraid one engine port side was consuming more fuel than the other.  When we filled up at Green Turtle this morning they both took almost the same. Will order a sensor and put it in on our return trip to Green Turtle Bay in two weeks.

Will not have internet for a while so will post when we do.  I want to wish my sister Monica a very Happy Birthday on Tuesday she will be 60.  I also want to wish my little sister Peggy a Happy Birthday on Friday.  I think she already got her birthday present a new grandson.


This was our sunset picture last night.  We don’t get to see very many of them due to rain and clouds.  The next four days are going to be nice.  Great traveling weather.



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  1. Marina says:

    Hi Kent and Jan, we love your travelogue! Keep telling us where you are: what River, what state, what town. You need some sunshine! Are you taking the Cumberland River to Nashville? It’ll be great seeing family – they sure miss you.
    All ok here. Still seems strange to see the empty dock next to us. Fred is confused, but Camber and Amy gave him treats last week. We had a really nice weekend at Garnet Lake last week. Now that school has started, the river will sure look different.
    Glad you have met other loopers! Keep the reports coming. We love details and all your photos. XO XO Marina, Tony, Fred and Lily

    1. jansyverson says:

      Thank you will do my best give Tony and Fred a hug from both of us and a big one for yourself.

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