Traveling 8-23-16

We are still following Mike and Cindy on the Cumberland River.  We left our anchorage at 9 this morning with sunny and calm weather.  We will have another beautiful day.

The navigation channel takes a sharp turn to port (left), this part of the channel is called “Devil’s Elbow.  The Cumberland River changes to a mixture of water and islands.  Boaters call this “Thousand Islands’ of the Cumberland.  Some of the islands are only slivers of land on which grass or aquatic plants grow.  Others are covered with small shrubs and trees.

We are now leaving Kentucky and entering Tennessee but still navigating on the Cumberland River.  Welcome to the Volunteer State.

image We traveled about a mile back in Hickman Creek before we anchored.  Mike was worried about water level so with our boat drawing less water, we went first.  Neither one of us had a  problem getting in.  They are predicting a storm, but we had a few drops of rain.  I went swimming the water was so warm and I was so hot.  I have now swam in the Mississippi, Ohio, and Cumberland River.

When we are on an anchor rope with no AC this is how Kent comes up his AC.


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