Traveling 8-24-16

Good Morning to all our family and friends.  The weather is going to be warm today so we decided to stay in Clarksville, Tennessee rather than an anchor rope.  I went swimming this morning before we left the water is a little cooler.   I don’t have a problem with it, but it’s to cold for Kent.


When we left Hickman Creek we went past Fort Donelson that borders the river.  It was from here on February 16, 1862 the confederate soldiers leveled their fire at the Union fleet.  A major victory for Grant and a catastrophe for the South.


This is Tennessee Valley Authority’s Cumberland Steam plant.  It was one of the world’s largest when it began operating in 1973.  At the time it was believed that the impressive red and white striped 1,000 foot high stacks would safely disperse furnace gases.  Due to modern technology they now use the 600 foot stacks.

imageThis is Cumberland’s City Ferry the “Lucille II” the only ferry still operating on the Cumberland.   imageWe are now coming into Clarksville, Tennessee a Military town.  We will be staying here until Monday in a covered slip, which is nice because the weather is very hot and humid.  I forgot that when you’re in a covered slip you have spiders.

We will be saying Good-by to Mike and Cindy they will be leaving tomorrow.  We had fun traveling with them and wish them good luck.  They plan on selling their boat and getting a house boat.  They gave us some very good information.

We met Ron and Karen and had dock tails with them in Clarksville.  I guess we are now officially loopers.  Ron and Karen did not have good luck as they picked up a log on the river and needed help from a diver to remove props.

imageThe log next to the boat is actually attached to his props. It took the diver about an hr.  chopping to get the props off.  The log was 10 feet long and 10 inches in diameter.  Ron and Karen will be traveling to another marina on one engine.  Clarksville doesn’t have the capability of lifting the boat out.

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