Clarksville 8-27-16

Hi family and friends the weather is very hot in Clarksville, Tennessee.  We had a very bad storm Friday night.  Glad we are tied to a dock as we rocked pretty good even tied up.  I like being in a covered slip as it’s a lot cooler but I don’t like all the spider droppings. Reminds me of the Regal in the covered slip at Frentress I need some sunlight to get rid of stains.  I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it too, as they say.

We decided to stay here in Clarksville, Tennessee and rent a car to see Nashville.  The weather is very hot and would be miserable waiting for the locks.  What a hassle to get a rented car.  They are happy to rent you one but you have to find your own way to get it. Now if you had transportation you wouldn’t need to rent one of their cars.  We did find out they would bring you back to the boat.   Well we meet John and Sharon a very nice couple who had a truck and would give us a ride.  They have a house boat “Lucky Lady” and they are from Moline, Il.  They are not doing the loop but travel around and then leave the boat and go home for a while.  John and Sharon have traveled with their houseboat for the last 4 years on the rivers !


So we planned our trip to Nashville for Saturday.  We heard on the news to avoid certain roads due to construction.  So Kent planed out our route, we got our car, and headed to Nashville.  Kent drove and I navigated.  We took back roads and the drive was beautiful even though we didn’t travel by boat.  The trip would have been very hot by boat.  It sure was a lot cooler with the heat index on Saturday over 100.


Our intentions were to have lunch at Rippy’s Ribs.  Kent was in heaven he sure likes his ribs.  We walked the town and checked out a few bars.  We saw some pretty interesting sights.  One is an outside bar you peddle as you drink through the streets.  I know if Anita and Amy our crazy daughters were here together they sure would have tried it.  That’s one way to drink and still get your exercise.  The town was sure hopping.


We went into a candy store Camber that makes Galena’s look like a tiny shop.  They had containers of candy that went to the ceiling.   They were making taffy so we got to watch how they made it.  They had different covered apples that were huge it was something to see.


Kent and I talked about coming back to Nashville and spending a week as there is so much to see sometime after our trip.  We did walk down to the river it’s so beautiful.  I am glad we didn’t stay at this dock not friendly looking.  The dock is for pleasure boats 500 ft long and managed by Nashville’s Metro Board of Park and Recreation.  If we would have stayed for a few days we would have found other dock-age.  The bridge you see is the Shelby street bridge.

Shelby Street Bridge





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