Clarksville Liberty Park Marina

Clarksville Marina at Liberty Park

I just wanted to show you some pictures of this very new Marina.  It has miles of walking paths and there are many places for family gatherings.  When I was walking this morning a family was walking with a stroller and a little girl riding her bike.  You see so many people either walking (my speed) or jogging.  The best part of this beautiful Liberty Park is it’s free.  You don’t see many of these anymore.  I did see something different your kids can play and you can exercise.  I guess there is no excuse for not exercising in Clarksville.

I would totally recommend this Marina to everybody.  They have ice, laundromat, showers, and fuel.  We even went to one of those W,s we were told about, Wal-Mart, West Marine, and Walgreen.  We went to Walmart they have five of them in this town for fresh food.  We are stocked for another week.

We are leaving Monday morning and heading back to Green Turtle Bay in Kentucky.  The beautiful river I saw on one side I will see on the other side on the way down stream.   We will be staying in Green Turtle Bay until after Labor Day weekend.  Our plans have changed and Anita and her family are meeting us there and will be stay with us over the weekend.  We are really looking forward to seeing family.  I hope this will help Kent will he is having a hard time again.

We are having work done on our outboard motor that is still not working right while we are in Green Turtle Bay.  We think it may be a water pump, or the motor needs to be adjust on the raft as it could be sucking air on plane.  Kent thinks he has ruled out water in the gas but it seems like it’s not getting gas when going fast.

We want to wish all our family and friends a happy and safe Labor Day weekend.

I want to thank all our friends and family for following us on our great adventure.  We love all the comments you make.


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