Back at Green Turtle Bay 8-29-16

We left Clarksville on Monday morning after saying goodbye to John and Sharon.  The weather is warm and sunny.  We didn’t know how far we would travel today.  Captain Kent bumped up the speed to 9.5 m/h and 97 miles and 10 hrs later we were at Green Turtle Bay.  Three days of traveling to get to Clarksville, and one day to get back.


We are traveling down the Cumberland River back to Green Turtle Bay.  The river is just as beautiful traveling down as it was traveling up to Clarksville.  One thing nice about the return trip you get to see anything you missed at a different angle.

Many millions of years ago, even long before the Cumberland River existed, a giant meteorite estimated by geologists to be more than 20 miles in diameter struck the earth in this vicinity.  The impact was so great that horizontal layers of stone up to 2,000  feet below the earth’s surface rebound to form vertical layers.  These layers were striking evident when soil was excavated for the foundations of the stacks at the steam plant. Although the creator left by the meteorite has eroded away, a hill south of the plant has been identified as the center of the rebound area. (Fred Myer Cruise Guide)


When we reached this point we could see the earthen gun emplacements on the top of the hill.  This is the part of Fort Donelson that’s borders the river.  It was from here the Confederate soldiers leveled their fire at the Union fleet.


We are on our way down the Cumberland River these crazy sea gulls think our wake bubbles are fish.  They are very beautiful to watch even if their not going to get any fish.

imageGreen Turtle Bay Marina is as close as your going to get to Frentress.  Look at all the water behind our boat and easy to get into the slip.  We have been having problems with our outboard motor not running right and over heating at high speed.  So we bought new gas tanks and new gas and $ later tried out the dingy again.  Still not working right so ordered a water pump.  Well this is sure not Frentress the place that is fixing the motor still doesn’t have the part.  We will have to stay until next Thursday and hope it is done. One thing nice about having to check out the motor I get a nice ride.  We did get the fuel sender in the boat but this is what the boat looked like to get to it under the sofa.


On Thursday we watched the Pinta and the Nina come into the Marina behind our boat. What an amazing sight to see as they turned past the gas dock and you could see the how big the ships are.


The Pinta and the Nina are replicas of Columbus ship.  They will be at the Marina for a week.  The Nina was built by hand and without power tools and is considered to be the most historically correct Columbus Replica ever built.  The Pinta was built in Brazil and is a larger version of the archetypal caravel.  Historians consider the caravel the Space Shuttle of the fifteenth century.

imageWe have also had a few other creatures that what to come along on the trip.  This little tree frog climb up the side of the boat and up the drain to say HI.

Tree Frog in our drain on topside.

When Kent tried to catch this little guy he was jump all over the place.  He did finely capture him and returned him to land on the shore.

Butterfly that came to visit

This is how they build their party decks in Green Turtle Bay they each have their own.

Docks at Green Turtle Bay

Amy here is an idea for your slip.  The draw back you would have to back in again. I don’t see that happening.


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