Labor Day Weekend

We were so happy to have our daughter Anita and her family visit us for the weekend at Green Turtle Bay, Kentucky.  They drove seven hrs from Rockford Il. Thursday night and arrived at 1:30 in the morning on Friday.  I was so excited about seeing them I could not sleep until they arrived safe.  They were going to meet us without the kids in Nashville, but plans were changed.  I sure hope seeing the kids will help Kent feel better about continuing the loop.

Ella was the first to wake up along with Grandpa Kent.  They both went to the Marina store and found coffee for grandpa and donuts.  Ella had a chocolate one the evidence was still on her face when they returned.

Ella our granddaughter just loves to catch turtles back home at Frentress, Il.  So the first thing she asked was can she try to catch them.  These turtle are a lot bigger as she found out.  We bought turtle food from the Marina store, and Ella and her sister Lucy got to feed them. The girls were in heaven feeding them.  The next day they had competition when a group of kids starting feeding them bread and French fries.

Turtles at Green Bay Marina
Lucy, Anita and Ella McDonough feeding the turtles

When they were done feeding the turtles (should say when mom and dad said they were done) we decided to go swimming.  So we purchased some floating rings and water toys at the Chandlery Ships Store.  We packed some towels, music, something to drink, and were heading to the pool.

Grandma Jan with Ella and Lucy

I have spent a lot of time in this pool and love it.  We all had a great Friday afternoon at the pool.


Ella is really becoming a good swimmer.  She loved to go down the slide and swim under water.  If you take note you will see the bucket.  We needed that to cool down the slide and make it slippery as you can see.

imageLater on Friday, after the pool and baths we headed into Grand River to Patty’s Settlement and walked around.  Anita went into a few of the little shops.  We didn’t eat there as it was too early and the next reservation would have been too late.


We went back to the boat and had dinner at the Commonwealth Yacht Club where you bring your own bottle.  You have to be a member or a guest of the Marina to use it. On Saturday I took the girls to the pool so Anita and Patrick could check out the craft show in Grand River, Kentucky.  They thought they got the best deal no kids, but I am the lucky one as I got to spend time with the little girls.  The only thing that would have made it better if Amy and her family could have been here with us.

Saturday afternoon Patrick drove us all to Golden Pond Planetarium at The Land between the Lakes in Cadiz, Kentucky. We saw two shows the first was back to the moon, and the second was a laser light show with music from Pink Floyd, ” The Wall “.  It has been a long time since I saw a light show the last one was in Cleveland, Ohio in 1977.  I though the show was fantastic.  Ella and Lucy really liked the lights, but the music was something else.  Patrick really enjoyed the music and it had been a long time since he heard Pink Floyd, “The Wall “.


When we left the Planetarium we drove through the Elk and Bison Prairie.  We saw Elk but they were either to far way or laying down in tall grass.  We kept on driving hoping to see some Bison.  Well we saw one he was walking towards us. The girls were scared at first but then thought it was pretty cool to see one so close.  It was funny that the Bison decided to walk down the road for a while and take his sweet time.  All we could do was follow him until he decide to get off the road for a drink of water.  It was hot and he had been walking for a long time.




On Sunday the captain took the boat out of the Marina along with the crew for a nice ride.  We left Green Turtle bay and went out through the mile long Barkley Canal that connects Kentucky Lake on the Tennessee River with Lake Barkley on the Cumberland River.image

We stopped the boat and all went swimming in the Tennessee River.  I have now swam in the Mississippi, Ohio, Cumberland, and Tennessee River since I left home August 3rd. Each one of the rivers is cleaner and warmer than the first.


Patrick said he could get use to this life.

imageAnita and Patrick riding on the front of the boat as we headed back into the Marina. What a nice day to cruise warm, sunny, and family.  I am still smiling as I write about our great time with them.  When we’re got into our slip we met Joan and Don they had just arrived at the Marina.  The first we met them at the marina in Grafton, Il and Kent helped them pull their boat.


I want Ella and Lucy to have something to remember their great time at Green Turtle Bay and this is what they picked.  Now do those turtles look green to you? 🐢 🐢



With a heavy heart and a tear in our eye we had to say our goodbyes with lots of hugs and kisses. We wished them a safe trip home.

The boat is cleaned and laundry done but it’s so quite.  I hope having the kids on the boat for the weekend helped Kent.

Monday evening we were asked to join Anna Marie on her boat Hydrophilic for dock tails.  There were five other couples that joined us.  We exchanged boat cards and learned where each of them started the loop.  Don and Peg Will are from Hudson, Wisconsin said they stayed at the Ice Harbor in Dubuque, IA.

We hope all our family and friends had a safe and wonderful Labor Day Weekend.


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