Kenlake Marina Kentucky


We had a wonderful time at Green Turtle Bay and met so many new loopers.  Of course the best part was having Anita and her family visit.  We met John and Linda second time loopers and they shared a car ride to Paducah to get grocery at Wal-Mart and Sams club with us.  We found out if you ask for the car at 5:30 you don’t have to be back in two hrs. We were all hungry so with the help of goggle we found this barbecue place.  It was nothing to write home about but the food was great.


Green Turtle Bay is where we met Johnny and Liz (Anchor Down) from Gallatin, TN.  We had docktails on their boat with limited lighting, as they needed to have their batteries replaced in the morning.   We all left Green Turtle Bay at 8:00 Thursday morning the weather is warm, sunny, with a slight breeze.  The weather so far on this trip has been very hot and humid.


This is the entrance to the mile long free-flowing Barkley Canal that connects Kentucky lake on the Tennessee River with Lake Barkley on the Cumberland River.  We will now be traveling on the Tennessee River.  For about the next 40 miles, the entire east side of Kentucky Lake is known as the Land Between The Lakes or LBL.  This spine of land up to eight miles wide separates Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake and is one of the Nation’s largest inland peninsulas. President Kennedy created the LBL in 1963 as a recreational and environmental education area.  It has a special appeal to boaters because of its undeveloped shoreline: secluded coves: and wildlife including bald eagles, deer and wild turkey.  This body of water can become very rough with large waves, when it’s very windy.  We crossed with about one to two foot waves.  It reminded me of crossing Lake Pepin.

imageThe Tennessee River, one of Nation’s great Rivers, drains an area of about 40,000 square miles.  It’s the largest tributary of the Ohio River and in terms of stream flow is the seventh largest in the United States.


Follow That Dream

This is the entrance to Kenlake State Park Marina where we will stay for the next three days.  This was a short day only traveling 25 miles.  We are here with Liz and Johnny Anchor Down they started the loop one week ago from Hickory Point Tennessee.  We met them at Green Turtle Bay they are as green about the loop as we are.  We had dock tails together it’s so nice to have somebody to travel with again.  Kent and Johnny were like two peas in a pod.  Meeting Johnny was the best thing that could have happened to Kent.


Kenlake State Park Marina doesn’t offer a lot amenities but the beauty of the park is worth it.  I went for a walk today on the road in the park and it was beautiful.  Had to cut my walk short as a thunderstorm was coming.


The thunder was getting louder as I was walking so turned around and headed back. Well long story short I didn’t get back in time and got wet.  It felt good as I was very hot from the walk.


This how we ended our day with this beautiful sunset and a phone call from our good friends Linda & Paul Weber.  Kent said red sky at night is sailor delight.  We checked the weather and no rain with lower temp for the next four to five days.

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  1. Earleanne/Gerry says:

    Great pics, thx for sharing!! Ken Lake is where we fell in love with a boat after losing ours. Didn’t get it; owners backed out on the sale. That’s OK, cause we got our Island Time from Green Turtle and love it!! Keep posting pics & stories of your adventure, please. We surely enjoy them!!

    1. jansyverson says:

      Thank you I will miss you guys take care

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