Traveling on the Tennessee

We left Kenlake State Park in Aurora, Kentucky around 9:30 after we moved the boat and pumped out.  We had a short day traveling only 24 miles.  Liz and Johnny (ANCHOR DOWN) are traveling with us.   They run a little faster than we do so if we leave before them they catch up by the time we stop.  The weather is getting very warm again with temperatures in the 90s.   We’ve been staying at marinas so we can have AC.


These large nest in the tops of the navigation markers are built by Osprey, also know as fish Hawks.  Although native to Kentucky by 1950 none were nesting in the State.  They were nearly extinct due to DDT.  In 2002 a survey revealed 33 nests and 115 osprey.


We have known left the state of Kentucky and traveling in Tennessee, which has many interesting claims to fame.  The beauty of the banks along the river is beyond words.  We are traveling through the Cypress Creek embankment.  The bridge is the Scott Fitzhugh Bridge.  We stayed at the Paris landing State Park Marina in Buchanan, Tennessee just before the bridge on our starboard side.  Liz and Johnny were already there as they had passed us a few miles back.  The Marina had a laundry mat that was nice and clean.  You never pass one of these up even if it’s one load.

We stayed here two nights.  Johnny and Liz needed some food so I went along for the ride you never know what you will find.  The closes place was a Dollar General had some really good deals ( I only got pop for Kent).


The park was beautiful so Johnny, Liz, and I went for a long walk.  We walked across the highway to the lodge and down to the river.  The pool for the Marina was closed but we could have used the one at the lodge.  We didn’t bring our suits so just looked around. Kent didn’t come with us as he is fighting a cold and would not have been good for him to walk that far.


The next morning we woke up to this boat docking at the gas dock.  It’s a 70 ft over 4.5 million Pershing Yacht made in Italy.  Kent and Johnny talked to the owners and it has 5,000 horse power in the boat and mileage in barrels per mile not gallons per mile. They are on their way to Florida to have it pulled and some work done over the winter.  Kent and I decide we would get this boat instead of the 50 ft Cruiser after the loop.

image The Marina didn’t have enough fuel in their tanks so they called for a fuel truck come down to fuel them.  We left the Marina and they were still at the gas dock.  It didn’t take long for them to catch us.  They aren’t slowing down for anybody.  When we saw them coming I put things done in the boat and closed the front port-hole windows.  We rocked pretty good the bow almost went under.  They better watch out when they get in the redneck  country those fisherman don’t fool around if they get rocked.  They could have bullet holes to repair.  I asked Kent what he thought they got for gas mileage going that fast.  He looked at me and said “I don’t think they care”.


This is all that remains of the old L.&N. Railroad bridge.


Past the bridge is an abandoned building used for shipping grain on the Tennessee before the Kentucky Dam was built.  The story goes that the building was built so well that attempts to destroy it failed.  So officials decided to leave it.

imageThis is Pilot Knob rising more than 200 feet above the river served as a landmark for early steamboats pilots.  Today it’s part of the Nathan Bedford Forrest Memorial State Park established in 1929.  Pilot Knob also witnessed one of the largest and most hard-fought battles waged on state soil.




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