Pebble Isle Marina 9-13-16



We arrived at Pebble Isle Marina in New Johnsonville, TN early afternoon.  The weather is very warm with a slight breeze.  Jim helped us in and we parked behind the Molly B. We stayed with them in Green Turtle Bay, Kentucky.  Liz and Johnny tied up behind us. There were two other looper boats that stayed overnight.


Pebble Isle Marina

We were only 25 mile from Loretta Lynn’s ranch, however it closed at 5 and it’s now 3:30 and we still needed to drive there.  I was elected to drive the van to town Liz needed some groceries at Wal-Mart.  Billy the dock master gave us direction unfortunately they were wrong and had to turn around, we did find Wal-Mart.  We decided to eat supper at the floating restaurant with Johnny and Liz.  We had dock tails on our boat before and after dinner.  The food at the restaurant was great and we had a lot of left overs.

Jan, Kent, Liz, and Johnny

We ended the night with this beautiful sunset.  What more can you ask for friends, good food, and a beautiful sunset.  Thanks everybody for traveling with us on our blog.

Sunset at Pebble Isle Marina

In the morning Johnny was so nice to bring us fresh cinnamon rolls form the restaurant.  Kent and I shared it with our morning coffee.  This morning is sunny and you can see how calm and beautiful the Tennessee River is.


We had another short day with only traveling about 25 miles.  Before we left in the morning Johnny brought us fresh cinnamon rolls from the restaurant.  Kent and I shared it with our morning coffee.


This is the Seaboard Systems Railroad bridge.  They didn’t have to raise it for us we clear but Kent did lower the antennas just in case.

Tennessee River

We see a lot of lonely trees by themselves in the water.  I think they look so neat like something out of a picture book.  The river is starting to get narrow some places have small islands behind the main channel.

We ended our day staying at Cuba Landing in Waverly, Tn.  We stayed at this same Marina tied up to the gas dock in 2002, when we brought our boat back from Knoxville, Tn.  They put us in a cover slipped which is nice but they already warned us about the spiders.  It was a lot cooler in the shad so I took advantage of it and waxed part of the boat.  Kent was on Johnny’s boat discussing navigational equipment.  I am sure Johnny would back him up if asked about the equipment.

Follow that Dream

Well it was time for dock tails.  Jr. and his wife joined us they live on their house boat. They just sold their home and will be going to Florida for the winter.  Jr. asked us if we needed anything from the store as he had a vehicle.

We had a great time visiting with everybody.



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  1. Earleanne/Gerry says:

    So glad you’re having such a great trip!! Love keeping up with your posts!! Cloudy, rainy here. Alone on this side a few days; Cloud 9 left couple wks ago. Marmalade Skies left yesterday. Much too early for us; don’t even wanna think about it!! HAVAGREATDAY💞

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