Clifton Marina TN 9-16-16

Kent and I left Cuba Landing in Waverly, TN at 8:00 because they were spraying for spiders.  Amy knows what that is like.  Johnny wasn’t ready to go so he stayed and ended up having to spray his boat off before he could leave.  He caught up as he likes to run a little harder at times because he has Diesel engines.

The weather here is very warm and sunny we are still in the 90+, but at least we have a breeze most of the time.


On our port side(left) is Lady Finger Bluff, a limestone bluff capped with gnarled cedar and hardwoods.  Legend has it in pioneer days, a lady chose to leap to her death from this bluff rather than be caught by attacking Indians.  There are fossil remnants of ancient marine life, the result of this part of North America being covered by a sallow sea.


The Tennessee River is very narrow in this section.  The early steamboat pilots called it “the narrows” but it’s 70 to 80 ft deep as it moves in a slight curve between the bluff and opposite bank.

image Here the navigation channel is between two islands identify on the official charts as Double Island.  Behind the larger island at port (left side) is an anchorage popular with area boaters.  The water depth is about 25 feet deep at summer pool.  Perhaps the most important aspect of navigating the Tennessee is knowing the pool levels of the nine lakes. The levels don’t change much in the summer; however, the TVA starts to lower the water levels at the end of summer for what they call winter levels.  So where you can go one day will not be advisable the next.


We are now entering some of the sharpest hairpin turns on the Tennessee.  This would be jet ski heaven.  It’s so beautiful with the Buffs, and rock, and seeing how it winds through the bluffs.  There are homes built along the river most of them are built high on stilts in the lower levels.  You see some beautiful homes built up on the bluffs.  People that camp know how hot it can get in Tennessee, as we’re finding out and have garage roofs built over them.


This is how beautiful the bluffs can be as we slowly navigate up the Tennessee.  We have to remember the direction in which we are going.  We are a Midwest boater and are accustomed to going downstream on the Mississippi River.  When we got on the Tennessee our brain still thinks we are going down stream that’s true in terms of heading South,  but the fact is we’re going upstream.  You have to be very careful when you call the locks and tell them the direction you are heading.  We just say we need to go up in the locks so we are safe.


Kent decided that he needed some help driving the boat ( I guess as first mate I’m not his first choice) so he hired a new captain Mr. Bear.  He is a little short and has a hard time seeing over the steering wheel but he and auto pilot get along great together.

Mr. Bear The New Captain

Sometimes two heads are better than one.  In this case two captains are better than one.  At least Mr. Bear doesn’t disagree with me and he is softer to cuddle with.


We traveled 45 mile today and where ready to stop at Clifton, TN.  Clifton is the first town in 158 miles that is directly on the river.  At one time Clifton was a major port.  Part of Clifton, TN colorful history is when the vote was taken in 1843 to determine the location of Tennessee’s Capitol, Clifton lost by one vote.


The entrance to the Marina is very narrow.  When we turned and started heading in we could see the tall sails of the Nina and Pinta as they were also here.  So docking was limited.  Glad we didn’t need fuel they had the whole dock tied up with their boat.  I think they want to follow us on the loop.

Anchor Down

Liz and Johnny tied up at the Marina store across from the Molly B.  They had us tie to the end of dock B.  We let the wind help us in it makes my job a lot easier.  Liz and Johnny asked us to come over for dock tails.  So we packed our drinks and something to pass and headed their way.  Now we had three choices walk around, swim, or lower the dingy.  We decided to walk around good exercise and I could take some pictures.  We sure though this Marin was going to be a lot bigger.  We had AC and good friends that is all you need.

Follow That Dream

Hope the guy behind us doesn’t want to leave we have him blocked in.  If you take note of his swim deck I don’t think he travels much.

Captain Kent

This is Kent waiting patiently for me as I take some pictures.  We are on our way back to our boat after dock tails with Liz and Johnny.  Amy take note he loves his Yeti cup doesn’t leave home without it.

Dave & Grace Barger “Exploring our 70’s”

Walking back to our boat we met Dave and Grace.  They had done part of the loop including the gulf crossing in their sailboat.  Grace had knee surgery and found it was too hard for her to get around so they sold it.  They are going to finish the loop in their pontoon.  They will trailer it to Florida in the spring and start where they left off.  Take note of the beautiful home made wooden boxes on the front of his boat.  One is a cooler made better than a Yeti cooler.  The other’s hold fuel and anchors.  They are right when they say their is no right boat to do the loop.  We are seeing many different looper boats.



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