Pickwick TN

We left Clifton Marina around 9:00.  Kent had to do some maneuvering to get out.  He is so good at this, of course the rear thruster helps.  It’s going to be another 90+ day but we have a good breeze and sunny sky’s.  We have to travel 40+ miles and go through one lock at Pickwick 55 ft lift.


The large bluff is called Chalk Bluff it continues on for a few miles up River.  This is one of the most scenic and colorful bluffs on the lower Tennessee.   It is not chalk but a mixture of sand and clay deposited many million of years ago.  Recent earth slides are a reminder that despite man’s attempt to control the river, it continues to change the landscape.


This is the Harrison-McGarity Memorial bridge that takes U.S. 64 across the state and links many towns in the southern tier of countries.  We are now on the outskirts of Savannah, Tennessee.  In 1821 James Rudd established a ferry here.  The area became know as Rudd’s Ferry, and in 1830 it was renamed Savannah.  The area was known as a wealthy cultured town.  Savannah was prominent as a shipping center for freight and cross ties used for building the railroad.


Thousand of years ago mound builders (as they were called) built 14 mounds along the river.  Cherry Mansion was built-in 1830 on top of those mounds by landowner and planter Dave Robinson.  He gave the house to his daughter Sarah and new husband W.H Cherry as a wedding gift.  The house was built by slave labor with bricks made on the riverbank.  The home has 18 inch thick walls, heart pine woodwork, bookcases, and cabinets.  General Ulysses Grant was eating breakfast here in April 6, 1862 when he heard artillery fire, as Confederate forces attacked his army at Shiloh.  The house continued to serve as Grants headquarters during the fierce two-day battle.  This was something to see especially with the history behind it.

imageThis is Shiloh National Military Park one of the most historically significant sites on the river.  On 4,000 acres are 151 monuments, 217 cannon and more than 450 historic tablets that detail the Civil war’s first major battle in the western theater.  The battle of Shiloh named after a church was fought April 6-7 1862.

If you look at the center of the picture you will see some white squares those are tome stones.  We can’t get to the park by River but what we could see was beautiful.

imageThis is Pickwick Dam 113 feet high and 7,715 feet long.  Construction began in 1934 and was completed in 1944.  This has a bollard so I get everything ready.  I made sure I had the fender down in the back.  I got the line over the bollard the first try and tied it off.  I left some slacks on the line so the fenders didn’t ride up the wall.  Well the slack in the line didn’t work and makes the boat swing when you are going up 55 ft.  Kent had to come to the front of the boat and help keep it off the wall.  I guess I am just going to let the fenders do their job and clean them later.  I am still learning will get more practice as we go.


We have Anchor Down behind us they know what they are doing not moving at all.


We are now at Pickwick Marina a State Park and will be staying at least until Sunday morning due to bad weather.  I took advantage of the nice water and warm temperatures and went swimming.  How many times can you swim in the middle of September.


We just had a raccoon visit us on the boat.  We heard a noise up top so Kent opened the door and came face to face with the raccoon.  He hit him in the nose and thought the raccoon had left the boat.  Little did we know he was still on board.  Kent is trying to get him out of the boat.  This is what happens when Captain Kent doesn’t take the trash out you have uninvited guest.  I guess there is a first for everything.  We are not at Frentress anymore.


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