Florence Harbor Marina Alabama

We left early on Monday morning after we pumped out we have a 45 mile day.  The weather was all ready getting hot.  It’s still in the upper 90’s everyday with little rain.  We have a nice breeze while were traveling, but gets pretty hot when we stop.  I cleaned the foot prints of our juvenile delinquent visitor off the swim platform while we are traveling.  Yes I had a life vest on.

I saw this morning that the raccoon had tried to get on Johnny’s boat last night he left his paw prints on the steps.  They have a solid door so are juvenile delinquent had to find a new place to visit.

I guess we were lucky we left in early August, because loopers that are traveling the Mississippi River now are having problems with logs and high water.

The Tennessee River has widen out a little after the lock.  The bluffs are getting taller and the view is beyond words.  The water is so clam and clean you just want to stop and jump in.  This is the mouth of the Indian Creek.  We saw so many inlets to different creeks along this stretch.


This is the only visible evidence of the old Riverton lock, part of what once was a canal and lock system built more than 100 yrs. ago.  Across the river is Waterloo, Alabama. Founded in 1832 by settlers from the Carolina’s, it’s one of the state’s oldest incorporated areas.


We  are now in Muscle Shoals area.  It consists of four cities and is the third largest urban area through which the Tennessee River passes.  Florence is the largest and  was laid out 1818 that is where we are staying.  The other three are on the south side of the River. Muscle Shoals was incorporated in 1923, Sheffield was founded in 1880, and Tuscumbia incorporated in 1820.


This is a picture as we were coming into Florence Harbor Marina in Florence Alabama.


We decided to stay an extra day so we could go sight-seeing.  We all took advantage of the marinas courtesy car.  It was nice that Liz and Johnny joined us today.  We went to Helen Keller birth home in Tuscumbia,  Alabama called Ivy Green.  There was so much history about Helen.  They had her clothes and toys when she was a child.  The house contain much of the original furniture of the Keller family and hundreds of mementos of Helen’s life.  They had her library of Braille books and an old Braille typewriter.


The small house on the left was called the birthplace cottage it consist of a large room with a lovely bay window and playroom.  Helen Keller’s home was called Ivy green because of all the Ivy surrounding it.


This is the original pump where Helen learned her first word “water”.  This treadle sewing machine was used for Helen’s clothes.  On displayed are some of her dresses she wore as a child.

Kent and Jan by Birthplace Helen Keller

We toured the Rosenbaum House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in Florence, Alabama. This is the only Wright designed structure in the state of Alabama and has been called one of the purest examples of his design.  The house was built-in 1939 for Stanley and Mildred Rosenbaum.  The house is constructed of cypress, glass and brick there are no nails only screws.  Wright wanted nothing to obstruct the view so there were no window dressings.  Notice there is no supports holding up the car port roof.


We then went to Pope’s Tavern in Florence Alabama.  Kent and Johnny thought that was a good idea they were ready for a drink.  We then told them it was a museum not a bar. They went with us even if they couldn’t get anything to drink.  Pope’s Tavern was a stagecoach stop, tavern, and Inn, in one.  It was used as a hospital by both Confederate and Union forces during the war between the States.  Pope’s tavern is one of the oldest structures in Florence.  The tour guide told us when they restored some of the old walls and flooring they found human remains of legs and bullets.



This Marina is so beautiful with all the lights at night.  I know these picture will not do it justice.   At the entrance to the Marina is a tower that lights up and changes different colors.  One of the local guys sets off a loud shot-gun shell blast at sunset to remind all boaters to lower their flags.  We will be returning to this Marina on our way back down the Tennessee River.


We all took advantage of the restaurant and I took some really great pictures of our boat with the red lights on.

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