Traveling 9-24-16

imageWe left Ditto Landing in Huntsville, Al. about 8:30 and already it’s  very hot.  We only have a short day with 45 miles.  The scenery is becoming more interesting on the Tennessee River the further up we navigate.  The leaves are starting to turn a little on the port side of the river left.


Painted Bluff is the abrupt end of Merrill Mountain.  This is 350 feet high and one of the highest bluffs on the river between Huntsville, TN and Paducah, Kentucky.  The bluff gets it name from the yellow and brown rock.

Guntersville Dam a 39 ft lift is wedged between two hills and construction was finished in 1939.  Nothing we had seen so far was as breath-taking as when we left the dam.  The expansion of water between the bluffs and forest hills, rising to 600 feet above the lake invites you to look and admire.

We ended the long hot day at Goose Pond Colony Marina Scottsbore, Al.  We came in through a small path with Lilly pads on both sides.  The boats going in and out keep the weeds mowed off.  Kent even backed the boat in the first time in 14 yrs.  Kent said “I am  only going to report the good back ins”.  Steve and his crew helped us in along with Johnny from Anchor Down.  The Marina had a very nice restaurant Docks Bar.  The food was very fresh but the service was so slow.  The view was great at night we saw an air boat with green lights leaving the Marina.

We are now at the southern end of Sequatchie Valley we can now see both sides of it. This is one of worlds two rift valleys.  The other is the Great Victoria Valley in Africa.  Both were created by the earths surface literally splitting apart.  Sequatchie Valley is more than 125 miles long but never more than five miles wide.  Because the cliffs provide ideal conditions for hang gliding enthusiast, the valley is known as the “Hang Gliding Capitol of the East.


This is the old Hales Bar hydroelectric plant which is no longer in service.  John Moon introduced legislation in 1904 to build a dam that would generate hydroelectric power and improve upstream navigation  and was completed in 1913.  It was the worlds second largest hydroelectric generating plant.  Niagara was larger.

This barge that has the curved roof is the Cola Stage that’s towed to downtown Chattanooga to serve as the centerpiece for the city’s annual River Bend Festival.

imageWe crossed back into Tennessee and docked at Hales Bar Marina in Guild, Tennessee. Johnny’s friend Doug come to visit them, he’s staying in one of the floating cabins they have at the marina for rent.  We stayed in a covered slip so Kent was nice enough to wash the top back windows for me.


We are now in what they call Nickajack lake.



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  1. Earleanne/Gerry says:

    Awesome pictures; thanks so much for sharing!!

  2. Bob and Jeri says:

    Always great to see where you are. We are “Following your dream.”

    1. jansyverson says:

      Thank you so glad we are doing this life is so short. Miss you guys take care.

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