Chattanooga 9-26-16


The stretch of river from Hales Bar Al to Chattanooga, TN is known as the “Grand Canyon of Tennessee”.  The next few miles offered us some of the most stunning scenery found anywhere on the river.  Words and pictures can not describe the beauty of what we are seeing.  I am so glad we got a chance to take this side trip to Chattanooga, TN.

We have now entered the Eastern Time Zone an hour later than our family and friends.


On this mountain slope is a large planting of Kudzu.  This plant is native to China and Japan.  It was first brought to the U. S. in 1895 and used as a climbing vine for porches and trellises.


This is Baylor School founded in 1893 as a private prep school.  It later became a military school and most recently a co-educational private high school.


This is the lower end of Williams Island sight of and Indian Village and named for a pioneer who lived there and may have served as a French trading post.  We see so much of the shore line with beautiful rocks in different forms.

We are now heading into Chattanooga, TN.  The river has a lot of turns and twists its beautiful.  There is a storm ahead of us so we have slowed down, hoping it will have passed over Chattanooga when we arrive at Erwine Marina.  We put the side windows in just in time.  Yes, we got rained on and had strong winds, but lucky for us it didn’t last long.  The rain had stopped when we docked and the weather even cooled down to a low of 75 degree.  It only lasted a while before the sun came back out.  The picture below is of Lookout Mountain one of Americans most famous landmarks.  The mountain thrusts upward more than 2000 feet above the river and extends 100 miles into Georgia and Alabama.  The other picture is how dark the sky was getting before the rain started.


We are now in Chattanooga, TN and it’s beautiful.  We are tied to a city dock with security gates on both ends.  Anchor Down is tied behind us.  We are between two bridges and the lights at night are wonderful.




We all went for a walk to get something to eat.  Johnny and Liz daughter went to college here so they knew a few of the restaurants.  We ended up eating at an Italian restaurant Tony’s the food was OK but not great.


Chattanooga began in 1815 when Cherokee descendant Chief John Ross established a ferry across the river about 370 yards upstream from the present Tennessee Aquarium dock.  He also built a boat landing, a warehouse, and began trading with the Cherokee Indians.  The settlement grew and became the business center for Hamilton County founded in 1818.  In 1839 it was incorporated and became a commercial center.


We walked down town there is so much art work.  They have steps that has a water fall on one side of them called Trail of Tears.  People walk up or down the steps in the water.

Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears a catastrophic event in history which passed through this spot.  A great many Cherokees perished on the trail and this journey will never be forgotten.


The biggest attraction on the water front is the Tennessee Aquarium with the worlds largest freshwater aquarium home to more than 9,000 animals.


Look at this beautiful waterfall in the Aquarium.


We went through both the fresh and salt water they were amazing.  We saw many different seahorse and jelly fish well worth the time.  They have the largest freshwater tank in the world and holds 138,000 gallons of water.


We saw penguins each of them had a different colored tag on their ears so you could identify each with a name.


We watched the otters play and show off to us.  They had the largest parrots they were very loud.  There were so many fish and animals to name them all.

Yesterday (Tuesday) we all walked to a small market about five blocks away to get a few fresh items.  Kent told me remember we are walking so don’t buy too much.  I was nice to him as he had to carry it back to the boat.

Last night we all walked to Big River Tavern which is about two blocks from the boat. Each time we leave the boat to walk anyplace, we have to walk all those steps by the water fall. Liz and I wanted to work on our Blog and we needed WIFI.  The guys said they would come with us when they found out they could drink beer while we blogged.  We had some appetizers and beer while we worked on the iPad.  We had a great time and the walk back was beautiful with all the lights.  Across the street from the bar is a rock climbing wall all light up.


This is a picture of our boat with the red lights at night.  The weather had cooled down with a nice breeze and we had spent the evening with Johnny and Liz.  What a great way to end a wonderful day.  Kent and I are really living the dream.  Thanks everybody for following us.


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  1. Earleanne/Gerry says:

    Yes, you are living the dream!!! So happy for you and to follow your dream💓

    1. jansyverson says:

      Thanks miss you guys take care

  2. Marina says:

    Hi Jan and Kent. How great to read your blog about Chattanooga. Every year we drive down to Florida, and when we are in the mountains and valleys of Chatanooga, it is breathtakingly beautiful. I want to stop the trip, and live there forever! Glad to read it is even more beautiful from the river. Thanks for your wonderful blog. I feel like we are right behind you!
    All is well here. Knuckling down to rehearsals, big time! Missing you a lot, Jan. And our boys!
    XO Marina and Tony

    1. jansyverson says:

      Thanks words can’t describe how beautiful this section is. Miss you guys good luck with Nut Cracker. Who is going to do the customs. Love you guys

  3. Brenda Baune says:

    Interesting to follow you on your trip !Great pictures and information you share . Looks wonderful ….

    1. jansyverson says:

      Thank you

  4. Tom & Kim "j-k dock" says:

    Thanks for keeping the blog. We are enjoying your adventure, but not as much as you are. Safe travels.

    Tom & Kim (AQUAHOLIC)

    1. jansyverson says:

      Thank You

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