Traveling 9-28-16

We left Erwin Marina in Chattanooga,TN around 9:30 Wednesday morning and the temperature is now 75 degrees, nice.  When we left Chattanooga we went under the Walnut Street Pedestrian bridge.  The bridge is .45 miles long and was built-in 1909.   The bridge was the main travel between community’s north of the river and downtown Chattanooga, until 1990 when it was declared unsafe to handle modern traffic.  Instead of demolishing it Chattanooga turned it into the worlds longest pedestrian bridge over water.


We are only traveling about 18 miles today and have one lock to go through. Chickamauga Dam was a 48 foot lift the second tallest dam on the Tennessee River.  It’s a very short lock with only two bollards on each side.  You couldn’t even see the lock doors until you were right in front of them.  The dam received its name from a warlike tribe that separated from the main body of the Cherokee Indians.  They lived in villages that extended nearly a mile along Chickamauga Creek.  Before the lock is the Southern Railway Bridge.

imageThe Tennessee River makes a sharp turn to the Starboard (right) side and follows the perimeter of Harrison Bay.  What a great morning for a ride sunny and cool.

image We are staying at the Marina in Harrison, Tennessee until Sunday.  The weather has cooled down to the low 70, this is so nice after all those hot days.  We are tied to the end of a dock next to Oceana who we meet in Green Turtle Bay.  Anchor Down is tied to another dock so we have a nice walk to visit with them.


This is a beautiful Marina to walk around they have a pool that’s still open and an island that you can rent.  There were people decorating for a wedding to-night (Friday) that starts at 7.  The weather will be great for them it has cooled down and partly sunny.   There is another wedding on Saturday.


Kent would love to own this Pershing boat but Johnny (Anchor Down) said he already had dibs on it.  The second Pershing boat  “Mizz Rachel” we have seen.  This one is 74 feet long and the owners are trading it in for a 82 foot.  We had a nice time talking to Rachel the owner about her boat.  This will be the third Pershing boat they have owned in two yrs.


This is the best time of the evening when we have dock tails with our friends Liz and Johnny on Anchor Down.


Friday we all decided to take advantage of Amigos a Mexican restaurant for lunch.  The food was great and I had a 27 oz margarita it sure was good.  After lunch we all went for a walk to the island.

Liz is great and lets me do laundry on her boat while I worked on my blog.


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  1. Bob and Cynthia Schlichting says:

    Sure sounds like this has been the trip you needed and wanted. Good to follow with you through the country. Sorry to say, but Cynthia has decided to sell her boat now. We have a buyer lined up and it’ll be pulled next week and a Cedar Falls marina truck will come to haul it down there. The kids are gone, we’re too far from retiring fully yet and the expense of it all just warranted this move. Keep in touch of course. Safe travels to both of you, you great folks and friends.

    1. jansyverson says:

      Sorry to hear about selling the boat good luck yes we are enjoying the trip.

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