Traveling 10-2-16

When we left on Sunday morning from Island Cove Marina in Harrison, Tn. it was a sunny brisk morning.  I put a jacket on for the first time since we started this trip.  We are all stocked up again thanks to Jim (Johnny’s friend) who took Liz and I to town Saturday night.  Jim will be riding with Johnny and Liz for the next week as they navigate up the TN river to Knoxville.


We arrived at Blue Water marina before Anchor Down so Kent was waiting on the dock for them.  They couldn’t see our boat so decided to ask the guy on the dock where to go until they realized it was Kent.

Once you get into Blue Water Marina you can go up Richland Creek this a dingy ride only. We will be returning to this Marina on our way back on Wednesday and will take advantage of this beautiful river and explore the town of Dayton.

We left Blue Water Marina around 9:00 on Monday and will be traveling about 40+ miles with one lock to go through.  The Watts Bar Dam is the only TVA site shared by a hydroelectric dam, a coal-fired power plant ( inactive) and a nuclear power plant.   This dam is a 59 ft lift and the shortest of all the mainstream dams on the Tennessee and only had one bollard on starboard side and three on port.

We are now in Watts Bar Lake and is considered by many to be the most beautiful lake on the Tennessee.  Once you have traveled it you will understand why it has many twist and turns and the scenery is beautiful.

This is called Gillespie Island and the first one that has two cemeteries one for slaves and the other is for the white people.


We arrived at Terrace View Marina in Spring City, TN around three.  The Marina has new owners and I would highly recommend it.  The slips are long and new with laundry facility on the dock.  They have a pool and restaurant.  The family that runs it has seven home schooled well-behaved children.  They let us use their personal van to have lunch in town.  We all went to Chines King it was very good.  Kent would have preferred barbecue but he had to wait until I got Chines.  Johnny found out his speakers in his boat had disintegrated and he need new ones.  Well that is right up Kent’s ally replacing them. So after we had lunch we went shopping for speakers and they were installed as soon as we got back.

We met another couple Carol and Jim McDonough who are starting the loop on Sunday. They have a home on the water near Terrace View Marina in Spring City, TN.  They will be at Joe Wheeler when we are there.

This is how beautiful the sunset is at Terrace View Marina Tuesday night.

imageThis was how we ended our day with great friends, beautiful weather, and this awesome sunset.  Wednesday morning we had to say goodby to Liz and Johnny (Anchor Down) as we are heading back to Joe Wheeler for a rendezvous and Johnny and Liz will continue to Knoxville, TN.  We have traveled with them for five weeks along with having dock tails and telling stories.  I hope Kent and Johnny will survive without each other for a while.  The plan is to meet up with them again at Grand Harbor in a couple of weeks.

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  1. Dale says:

    Nice job on the 10-2 post blog master.

    1. jansyverson says:

      Thank you we are at Island Cove for three days and then back to Chattenoga for two days. Miss you

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