Saying goodby to friends

Wednesday morning was sunny and cool and time to say goodby to Anchor Down at Terrace View Marina in Spring City, TN.  We had a great time traveling with them and hope to met them again in Grand Harbor Counce, TN in a couple of weeks.  We filled with fuel, pumped out, and on our way back down the TN.  One thing nice about our return trip you get to see anything you missed on the way up.  The leaves are starting to change  so the buff are more colorful than on the way up.


We are on our way back to Blue Water Marina Dayton, TN for the night.  We have 35 miles to travel and one lock Watts Bar 59 foot.  We will be going down in all the lock now it seems like you go down a lot faster than up.  Although we are traveling on the Tennessee River between each lock they are called lakes.  We are now on the Chickamuga Lake as the next lock is called the Chickamuga lock.

Thursday morning Kent and I took a dingy ride into Dayton, TN on the Richland Creek.  It was a beautiful morning for a ride and the creek was very narrow but well-marked.  It must be a popular place for fishing as we passed many fishing boats.  We parked the dingy at the dock and walked about a mile to the Rhea county courthouse.

The court-house was built-in 1890 and its were the ” The Monkey Trial ” was held in 1925.

Scopes Monkey trial was the state of TN v John Thomas Scopes a substitute HS teacher.  He was accused of violating Tennessee Butler Act (teaching evolution instead of divine creation of Man.  This was the first trial to ever be broadcasted on live radio.  Dayton deliberately staged the trial to attract publicity and William Jennings Bryan was the big time lawyer.  He was a three-time presidential candidate.  They found John Scopes guilty and fined him $100 which was overturned due to a technicality.

Scopes Monkey Trial in Dayton TN

This is what ran the bells for the clock on top of the court-house until it stopped working and is now in the museum in the basement of the court house.  The courthouse was beautiful inside with all the wood and a beautiful staircase.


We walked about one more block to the Monkey town Brewing Co.  Kent had to try out their beer.  The bar/ restaurant was very rustic.  We didn’t eat as had a late breakfast before we left.

We got back to the boat in early afternoon we tied up the dingy and traveled another 35 miles and we are now staying at Island Cove Marina in Harrison, TN for three days.  We wanted to stay only one night but Chattanooga Marina is full over the weekend. We are tied up in the same spot we were a week ago.  I took this picture for those that  may need ideas for a dock deck.  Amy you and Chad should make yours look like this.  Chad can cook and watch the foot ball game at the same time. This boater new how to do it right.


This was our sunset on Thursday night at Island Cove at Harrison, TN.



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  1. Bob and Cynthia Schlichting says:

    we sure enjoy this exploits of your trip and the pictures too. Sadly, Cynthia had decided to sell her boat and within a day a young guy with 3 little kids wanted it. They came up last Friday and bought it. She was ready to sell it as the kids can’t get over as much as she’d hoped and the pending retirement vs the cost of boat going forward wasn’t looking like a good thing to spend money on.
    You guys were the first and best friends we’d made when we came in. Ken’s help on doing things on her boat and just great companenship will always be remembered by us both.
    Hope your travels are smooth and good water ahead.

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