Touring Chattanooga TN

Our stay in Island Cove Marina Harrison, TN was very nice.  We stayed at the end of the same slip as last time.  The staff is so friendly and helpful.  It’s a nice place to walk and the island had another wedding on Saturday.  The weather is cool in the mornings and reaches about 80 in the afternoons.

We are far enough away from hurricane Matthew but we did get some strong winds on Saturday and Sunday.  We debated on navigating to Chattanooga due to the strong winds. Kent thought the winds had died down enough to leave around noon.  We have 18 miles and one lock Chickamauga 48 foot drop to reach Chattanooga.  We had to wait for an hr to get through the lock, due to eight boats locking up.  This lock only has four bollards so they had to tie to each other.

This is the view heading back to Chattanooga, TN on the Tennessee River, and the  roughest water we have traveled so far.  I made sure all the windows were shut in the front state-room due to waves splashing against the boat.


We arrived at Erwine Marina in Chattanooga, TN late in the afternoon and was greeted by Anna Marie.  We had met her in Green Turtle Bay and had enjoyed dock tails on her boat.  We tied the boat up and walked up all those steps to the Big River Grill for a beer and appetizers.  It was happy hr at the bar when we arrived and then found out it was happy hr all  day.



All the steeps I told you about the first time we were in Chattanooga with the water running down them are called Trail of Tears.  This is the information about them above.

We called Uber (a company that have people who will give you rides for a fee) as we wanted to take the incline railway to Lookout Mountain.  Mike (the Uber drive) arrived and drove us to the railway and we would contact Uber when ready to come down.

The train ride up the mountain was started in 1895.  The ride is a mile long with the steepest grade of track 72.7 % grade near the top.  The view as you travel up the railway is breathtaking.  At the halfway point of the track the two incline cars pass alongside each other.  The switch allows the two cars to travel on a single track system.  The motor that operates them are General Electric.


When you get to the top you can stay as long as you want.  We walked about two blocks to point park.  We  walked around the park for a couple hrs.  The weather was great and the view was fantastic.  We walked down a lot of steps along side the mountain to a museum about the civil war.


Lookout Mountain scene “Last Battle of the Cherokees during the Nickajack Expediton” which took place in the 18 century.  This is also the Battle of Lookout Mountain Nov 24, 1863 during the American Civil War.  This was also called the Battle above the clouds.



The mountain ridge located at the northwest corner of US state of Georgia.  Northeast corner of Alabama and along Tennessee line in Chattanooga.  The view was unbelievable when we were at the top.


We took the Uber back to Chattanooga Cho Cho at the Holiday Hotel.  It was nice to see and read about the history.  You can stay overnight in the old sleeping cars.  They have a few shops.

Chattanooga Train

We also saw some kids playing chest with these life size figures.


We took the free electric city bus back to the dock.  Kent wanted to eat at Sticky Fingers as they had barbecue ribs.  We topped it off with ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s.

Glade we have to walk where ever we go,I so need to walk of this food.  We ended our night by having dock tails with Steve, Cindy, John, and Deb.  They are just visiting Chattanooga for the week.  We enjoyed meeting them and having late night dock tails on Steve and Cindy’s house boat.  The weather at night was great and the lights from the bridges were fantastic.

We left the marina round 9 this morning and are now staying at Hales Bar marina in Guild, Tn.  This is a picture going down the Tennessee after Chattanooga. This is the view of Lookout Mountain from the river.


img_2338It is still just as beautiful going down the Tennessee as going up.  We have enjoyed our side trip.

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  1. Earleanne/Gerry says:

    Awesome scenery, greatly enjoying your story & pics!! Pulling our boat on Mon😢. So happy for you to be enjoying your time on your boat!! ⚓️AHOY MATES & SAFE TRAVELS!!

  2. Patty & Soc says:

    We been following your trip. Sounds like everyday is great. We had our 1st freeze warning here last night. Our season is coming to an end. It will be a long time for spring to come around for us. I’m guessing yours will seem shorter. Enjoy your trip and keep the pics and stories coming.

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