Fall AGLCA Rendezvous

We left Chattanooga and are on our way back down the Tennessee River.  Navigating back gives you another view of the beautiful scenery.  The leaves are changing more but the temperature is not.  It’s hard to believe that it’s fall.  Beautiful leaves and warm weather what more do you need.


We are staying at some of the same marinas on the way back to Joe Wheeler.  We stayed in Goose Pond with a lot more loopers this time.  We had dock tails with Dave and Carrol from WHAY 2 MUCH they had just started the loop above Chattanooga.


We left Goose Pond Scottsboro, Alabama Wednesday and our next stop is Ditto landing at Hunstville, Alabama.  We wanted to rent a car and tour the space center but that didn’t work out, no cars.  One of the dock masters was so nice to take us to a grocery store at 7:00 am and wait for us before he started work.  We did have a beautiful sunset that night instead.


We stopped at Riverview, the marina is not much, but the restaurant has a great burger and Kent loves the chicken wings.  When you leave this marina you have to wait for the railroad bridge to raise.  They are not very cooperative about openings it. We hailed the bridge several times with no responds so you just wait and 45 minutes later they open the bridge.  This is how beautiful the river is at a different view.


The fall rendezvous was held at Joe Wheeler State Park in Rogersville, Alabama.  We arrived on Saturday and greeted by some loopers that helped us tie up.  We were invited to the pool tails at 5:00 pool side.  I was able to take a nice long walk and get some laundry done before dock tails.

The rendezvous was very informative.  We met so many loopers both doing it and planning to do it along with several gold loopers that had finished.  The information was an overload but very informative.  “Help we will be out of our comfort zone soon”.  The hotel provided us lunch and dinner thanks to the sponsors and AGLCA.  We all ate way to much.  The best meal was Thursday night we had prime rib.

This is a picture of all the people who were at the rendezvous this fall.


We are the loopers in progress.  The tags we wore for the rendezvous had so much information on them this was a great idea. White meant looping, gold meant done, blue was planning.


This is the boat next to us they have a garden on their boat.  Take note of their flag he is a retired police officer.  He is flying this flag because so many police officers have been killed in the past few months.


They have two puppies and dressed them up for everybody to see.  You should have seen all the people on the dock taking pictures of them.


I didn’t know how exciting it can be to get a package from home.  Our daughter Amy, and her husband Chad, and Camber sent us one.  This is all the wonderful stuff we received. The best thing in the package was a picture of our granddaughter Camber.  We want to tell Chad congratulations on the big deer he got.  I know that this rack will be hanging in your basement.


We left Joe Wheeler this morning Saturday at 7:00 along with eight other boats.  They had scheduled departure times to make thing work smoothly.  When you have 50 boats in one place and at least half of them are going the same direction you need to be organized.  We had two locks and they can only tie up eight boats on the wall at a time. We had nine boats in the first lock and one boat had to raft with another.  In the second lock Wilson the tallest 97 ft we rafted next to LE MARIE SOPHIE they are from Canada. That is the first time we rafted in a lock but it may not be our last.





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