We left Joe Wheeler Saturday morning along with eight other boats.  We stopped at Florence Harbor in Florence, Al for the night.  Some of the boaters stopped and some keep going.  We had lunch at the restaurant in the marina.  The dock master Larry told us to order the Dock Burger so we did.  This is what it looked like.  It was so tall they hold it together with a steak knife.  Eating this burger was a challenge.  Kent and I shared it.


Later in the day we used the courtesy van for supplies.  You have to take advantage of every opportunity you get if they have a courtesy vehicle.  We met up with Joe and Tammie from the WHY KNOT,  they were next to us at Joe Wheeler.  We had dock tails with them on Saturday night.  They will not be starting the loop for 12 more yrs.


On Sunday morning Tammie and Joe came to say goodbye and told us we could us their slip at Aqua Yacht Harbor in Luka, MS.  Joe took this picture of us leaving Florence Harbor.


We had a short day only navigating 40 miles. The morning started out cool but by the time we got to Aqua Yacht Harbor in Luka, Mississippi I was in shorts.


This is a waterfall we went by on Pickwick lake heading to Aqua Yacht Harbor.  I took this picture on our way up the Tennessee River you can see the leaves haven’t changed.

img_2426What a difference in the color of the leaves in a short time.  The leaves are dark and rich in color this yr due to no rain.  This picture is coming back down the Tennessee River. The local people say they are the prettiest they have seen in a long time.  It looks like fall smells like fall but it is so warm yet.

Aqua Yacht Marina

We tied up the boat and I decided to give her a good bath.  I was not done washing it when we were invited to dock tails on SEA SCAPE.  Kent help me wipe down what was clean and I would have to finish the back and swim deck tomorrow.   Kent said “from now on don’t wash the boat until we find out what time dock tails are.”  Now doesn’t that sound just like Kent.  So we gathered some cheese, fruit, boat cards, and something to drink.  We met some more loopers and it was interesting finding out where they are from and when they started.  We decided to stay two more nights and a group of us went to Shiloh National Military park.

Shiloh National Military Park is one of the most historically significant sites on the river. It’s on 4,000 acres there are 151 monuments, 217 cannons, and 450 historic tablets that detail the Civil War first major battle.  The battle of Shiloh was named after a log Methodist church (back then they called a meeting place) on the battlefield was fought April 6-7,1862.

Now do you think Kent would make a good preacher?

More than 103,000 Union and Confederate soldiers plus the Union gunboats Tyler and Lexington were involved.  By the time the battle had ended 23,000 men were dead and dying.  We watched a movie on the history of this battle it really made you think about those soldiers and how they fought and died.  We walked for a while around the grounds and then did the car tour.  You could spend a couple of days if you were to walk or even ride bike to all the sights and read each one.  The history here is overwhelming.


This is Shiloh National cemetery a lot of the stones just have numbers on them identifying the person instead of names.

We drove up to the Indian Mounds national Historic Landmark.  About 800 years ago a town occupied the high river bluff at the eastern edge of the Shiloh plateau.  We drove by this on the Tennessee River and now we are standing up here looking down at the river.

We were glad we could spend the day with Jim & Mandy (SHELL BELL) David & Kim (OVER TIME).  We had a nice lunch at Hages Cat-fish of course their specialty was cat-fish.  We ended our day with dock tails on the SHELL BELL.

We left with Jim and Mandy (SHELL BELL) the next morning to start our adventure down the Tennessee-Tombigbee.


The Army Corps of Engineers started the Tenn-Tom in May 1971 and was completed in June of 1985.  More dirt was moved to build the Tenn-Tom than was moved to build the Panama Canal.  Officially the Tenn-Tom is only the 234 miles between the Tennessee River and Demopolis.  The 217 miles between Demopolis and Mobile is the Black Warrior-Tombigbee Waterway.  We will be traveling 450 total miles and 12 locks before we are in salt water.  This first stretch is called the Divide Cut and is very narrow you have to stay in the center of the channel if you can.  There is no anchoring allowed in this 24 mile stretch and not much to see.img_2498

These are concrete spill ways on the Tenn-Tom used for the run off of creeks and excess rain run off.  They are designed this way as not to have silting in this cut. I had not seen anything like this before on the river.


The Tenn-Tom in this area does have some twist and turns with this stretch being very pretty.   We met a barge going up and one going down.

We planned on following Mandy & Jim (SHELL BELL) to Midway Marina about 50 miles and three locks.  When we left Aqua Marina Kent was having problems with one of the engines so we decided to stay at Bay Springs Marina, in case we needed some work done.  It was sad to say goodbye to Jim and Mandy but the good news is Johnny and Liz from (Anchor Down) are coming tonight.  They got to the marina about 5 and it was so nice to see them again.  After they were tied up we went over to their boat for dock tails and find out what they had all been doing.  Kent wanted to finish working on the boat so we all decided to stay another day.  He put new spark plugs in each engine and a new distributor cap on the starboard one.  The mechanic here at the marine told him he needed to speed up more as the plugs were carbon up.  I guess we are not a trawler and need to give it more gas. $$$$$$

They are all ready for Halloween in front of the office.  The second picture is off the back of our boat in Bay Springs Marina at New Sight, MS.  The boat below belongs to Pat and Audrey from Alberta, Canada they are not doing the loop but have been traveling to all different countries with the boat.  They will be leaving the boat here at Bay Springs for the winter and returning home to Alberta, Canada for a few months.  They said they had not wintered at home for six yrs.  What a sweet couple we had so much fun talking to them.  They have two sons and six grandkids. THE CAT FROM THE HAT is 65 feet long and 22 ft wide.  We helped them tie up at the end of the dock we were on.


Pat and Audrey stopped by our boat when we were having dock tails with Liz and Johnny and joined us.  We had a great time with them and we all decided to go out for dinner.  This is getting to be a habit of going out to eat.  I like it no work for me, but not good for waist line or pocket-book.


After dinner we were invited to Pats boat for a night-cap.  The boat is beautiful inside. They have four state rooms and Five heads (bathrooms).  Well we didn’t follow the loopers 12:00 at 9:00.  We were all having such a good time it was after midnight before we all left the boat.




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