Still on Tenn-Tom

The weather is still very warm 90+ and sunny.  There are 12 locks that we have to go through.  We went through three lock today Whitten lock the first is the highest 85 feet.


The view in this area was beautiful.  Sometimes it’s very straight and others are beautiful twist and turns.  You don’t know what is around the corner.

img_2596With so many boats traveling right now you can call the lock and find out when you can lock through.  If you start out with five or more boats they will wait until all of us are at the lock before they let you through.  It’s nice the doors are usually open but bad if you have a slower boat traveling with you.  Liz took this picture of our boat in the lock. Kent and I are getting really good going through the locks. img_0881

This is some more pictures taken as we traveled the Tenn-Tom.  We have a book we follow called the Tenn-Tom Nitty Gritty and it has a part called the 10 commandments.  Some of the sayings are pretty funny so hear its one #8 Thou shalt not cruise at night (if you lust for that kind of excitement give up boating and take up hang gliding.)

Friday night we stayed at Midway Marina in Fulton, Mississippi it reminded me of home wooden docks.  We don’t see to many dock that are wooden as most of them are stone of some kind.  The marinas are getting pretty full of loopers and snow birds going south. When you entered into Midway Marina you really had to watch the markers a lot of stumps.  We had a beautiful sunset and met some new loopers.

Saturday we got up early had to be a the lock by 7:30.  We traveled 60 miles and went through four locks.  We are now traveling with several other boats and one sail boat.  We spent the night at Columbus Marina in Columbus, Mississippi.  We are traveling with “Anchor Down” and “Katherin Marie”.  The dock master Jimmy did a very good job of getting us all in and to our docks.  Johnny and Liz had friends in the area Joy and Bill that came to see them.  There were two groups of boats leaving in the morning.  We are in the second group we left at 7:00.  The boat was full of dew and a little chilly but it didn’t last long.  We are one of eight boats waiting to lock through. img_2673

This boat is made of wood and the owners designed and built it themselves.  There is no electric and everything  runs off kerosene including his running lights.  I got a tour of this boat at Joe Wheeler.  If you like rustic this is a boat for you.  I thought it was very interesting and Jill the owner was very nice.  They have sleeping on one side and living on the other with engines in the center.  Kent calls it the Popey boat.


As we were traveling down the river we came across several areas that have homes next to the river.  We try to slow down as not to cause a problem.  One of the home owners must have thought we were going to fast.  As the last boat went by he got his gun and fired several shots in the air.  There is no close marina so we decided to anchor for the night at Cooks Creek.  Anchor Ddwn set his anchor and we tied up next to him.  What a beautiful place to anchor there was another boat already anchored.  The Katherin Mair also anchored behind us.

img_2697The weather is so warm that Johnny, Liz, and I went swimming.  The water temperature was 78 degrees.  It was a little cold when we got in but felt really good.  Kent was our bartender as he wouldn’t get wet.  This might be the last time to swim as the next anchoring may have alligators in the water.  The water is so clear as you can see by this picture.img_2692

We had dock tails on the front of Johnny and Liz boat.  The weather was beautiful with no wind and we are with great friends.  The nights cool off so sleeping was nice.

img_2693We left early in the morning and only had one lock to go through.  It was a long day for me to many ice cubs and not enough food on Johnny’s boat last night.  Kent says I am allergic to ice cubs.  I couldn’t wait to get through this lock so I could take a nap.  We navigated 62 miles and the weather is in the 90 with no wind.  We would like a slight breeze now, but in a week will be praying for no wind and calm waters.


This is the most dramatic site yet on the Tenn-Tom the white cliffs called Epes.  They were only on the starboard (right) side of the river.  We saw several patches of them on the way today.  They had trees that had turned red on them.

We are now exactly half way between the Tennessee River and downtown Mobile.  We are staying for two days at Demopolis Alabama.  This marina is very friendly and nice. We were invited to a Halloween party last night.  We had a great time it was held outside bring a snack and drink.  The marina has set it up so you can take a bus to town or out to eat for $4.00 a person.  This was set up by Anna Marie one of the dock masters.  There are so many loopers at this marina you would never be able to get your supplies or anything else that was needed.  Liz and I and several other loopers took advantage of this.  Kent and Johnny stayed at the boat and did some maintenance that needed to be done on the boat.  This marina has a swimming pool that is still open and golf carts to get you around.  This is a picture of the laundry mat/meeting room/ shower house.  The best I have seen on this trip.  It’s a great place to met other loopers.

img_2727You need to get fuel, water, and pump out here as not much ahead with those amenities. We will be anchoring out again when we leave Tuesday morning at 7:00.  We don’t know how many will be traveling with us.  We only have two more locks and will now be traveling on the Black Warrior – Tombigbee Waterway for the next 216 miles.

Would like to wish my sister Peggy and Husband Lonnie a Happy 36 Wedding Anniversary today and wishing you many more.  Love and miss you and all our family and friends.  Thanks you all for following our blog.

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