Sarasota with kids

Saturday morning at Clear water, Florida it was so nice to wake up to a beautiful sunrise and having Amy, Chad, and Camber on the boat.

The kids will be traveling with us for four days, how wonderful this will be to share our adventure with them.  The weather was warm and sunny as we crossed Tampa Bay and Sarasota Bay.  There was a lot of boat traffic which created a lot of waves.  Unfortunately for Amy she stayed down stairs in the boat to long and got sea sick.


We were so fortunate to not only see dolphins but we had them traveling with us for a long time.  They sure were showing off along side the boat.  The next time we saw them their were six of them two of which were small and young.  They swam in front of the boat and traveled with us for a while.  We told Camber if she wanted to swim with the dolphins she could put a vest on and we would throw her in.  She didn’t see any humor in that comment.  I was so glad that the kids got to see the dolphins.

Dolphins are a diverse group of aquatic mammals and are descendants of land dwelling mammals of the Artiodactyla order (even towed ungulates).  They are highly social and often regarded as one of earths most intelligent animal.  Dolphins are known to teach, learn cooperate schemes, and grieve.  They leap above water for various reasons such as orientation, social display, fighting, entertainment, and attempting to dislodge parasites. Dolphins jumping can save them energy as there is less friction while getting air.  They sleep with only one brain hemisphere in slow wave sleep at a time.  Thus maintaining enough consciousness to breath and watch for predators.  Dolphins communicate using a variety of clicks, whistle like sounds and other vocalization using nasal air sacs located jut below the blowhole.  The dolphins ear has specific adaptation to the marine environment.


As you can see by the picture that the guys were busy concentrating on what was in front of them.  Amy and I sat on the front of the boat and sometimes Camber would join us.

We were lucky that the bridges are over 17 ft high and with the intenas down we don’t have to wait for the bridges to open.

When we got to Sarasota and tied up to the dock for fuel Amy was off the boat and sitting on solid land.  She said she was still rocking and would have laid down if their wasn’t a restaurant, and people watching her.

Amy decided that she wanted to sit on the dock and drink her wine.  She later decided to sit in the dingy.

We are staying at Marina Jack in Sarasota Florida for two days.  They said the winds are supposed to be strong on Sunday so will stay and enjoy Sarasota and travel across the bay to Siesta Keys. These were once called Sarasota Key.  We all went for a walk on the docks and Camber found out how big some of the boats are at Marina Jack.

Now some history of Sarasota.  In 1539 a Spanish Conquistador Hernando de Sota sailed into Tampa landing at Little Manatee River and called it Zara Sota “Radiance of Soto”.  A significant number of European settlers arrived in 1840.  The area was already called Zara Sota and was changed to Sara Sota.  Sarasota was incorporated in 1920 and was home to the Ringling Brothers.  Sarasota is the gateway to miles of beaches with fine sand and shallow waters.

Sarasota is a beautiful place especially at night when all the building are light up on the edge of the Bay.

Sunday we took the Marina Jack shuttle to Siesta Keys and meet Dave and Brenda “Making Money” who were also going to Siesta Keys.  We found out that they have now completed the loop twice and will fly a platinum flag.  The first time they did the loop was in 2012 and new Marc and Michele McCoy.

The guys decided to find a bar and the girls wanted to go shopping.  The stores were quaint and expensive but were fun to go in and look around.  We had a nice time walking around and being together.  We did find the guys and had a drink with them.

Here are some pictures we took on the boat.  We were all having a great time being together.

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