Monday morning we left Sarasota it was sunny and we had a slight wind.  Amy is feeling better this morning.  I told her to stay up top as not to get sick again.  She decided to help her dad “Captain Kent” navigated for a while.


We have a short day traveling only 18 miles to Venice Florida.  Our plans were to navigate to Ft. Meyers by Tuesday night as the kids have a fight out from there on Wednesday morning.  The plans have changed and we will rent a car in Venice and drive them to the airport instead.  This way we can relax and enjoy each others company rather than rushing.  Traveling when you shouldn’t is why boaters end up in trouble with bad weather and large waves.

This was the only swing span bridge located in Little Sarasota Bay, that we had to have open for us.  It was an old wooden bridge and the lady was so friendly.  We watched this boat pull up his crab pot.

The weather was beautiful what a great way to travel especially because the kids are with us.  We had a nice trip and a long dock with a nice dockhand to help us.  I got spoiled having extra help on the boat with the lines when docking.  After we got into the marina and tied up Dave and Barb “Miss My Money” pulled in and we helped them get tied up.  They will be staying at Venice until Monday and then will spend one month at the same marina we will be at in Fort Meyers.

Venice rates high on the list of Florida cruisers favorite ports.  The inlet is one of the safest on the state’s west coast it offers easy passage between the ICW and the Gulf of Mexico.

Venice is a small city with great beaches and low-Key Old Florida charm.  Venice like its Italian counterpart is laced with canals.  Then in 1920 developers laid out a city plan that featured tree-lined streets with Northern Italian style architecture.

Amy, Camber, and I walked to TJ Max we were told it was a very big store.  We had fun looking at all the things we didn’t need.  On the way we came across this waterfall it was so pretty.

On our shopping trip I got my copper Moscow mule cups so I am ready when we meet up with Liz and Johnny “Anchore Down.  Camber found her new pet but her mother didn’t agree with it.  Camber found out on her visit that Genius her Ginny pig had passed away.


Amy and I had to check them out.  We found a wooden Xmas tree so we got small lights and some ornaments and Amy decorated for me.  So here we are listening to Xmas music with the tree light and the fireplace going.


Tuesday morning Amy decided to trim her father’s hair.  Believe me he didn’t want to and Captain Kent is worse than any kid about getting his hair done.

We rented a car and went across the Venice bridge to what they call the rich side.  There are many shops and Camber took advantage of the ice cream and Carmel apple shops.


We stopped and had a beer and wine at the Three Little Pigs a barbecue place.  If Kent would have been hungry I am sure he would have tried out their ribs.  Camber did try out their french fries .

We went to Venice Beach which is noted for miles and miles of white sand.  Venice for centuries have had fossilized shark’s teeth washing up on its beach and is called the “Shark Tooth Capital of the World”.  The community celebrates in April for three days with entertainment, food, crafts, and naturally all sorts of shark-tooth memorabilia.

There are birds walking on the boat lines,  sitting on the poles, and walking the docks.

We had a wonderful time with the kids.  Tuesday night we all  went to Dockside Fishermans Wharf for one last drink together.  Camber got a pice of home-made Key Lime Pie and we had chicken wings.


The night always ends with a beautiful sunset.



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