Navigating to Fort Myers

Wednesday morning came way to early as we had to take the kids to the airport at 4:30 am.  We rented a card in Venice to drive the kids to the airport in Fort Myers.  It was sad to see them go, but so glad for the time we had with them.  Amy, Chad, and Camber thank you for the wonderful time we had together and traveling with us.

When we got back Kent and I did laundry and got the boat ready for traveling on Thursday.  We will be traveling to Fort Myers on Thanksgiving day.  Dave and Barb “Miss My Money” were so nice to invite us over for Chocolate cake Wednesday night. which was delicious .  We enjoyed our visit with them and a tour of their PDQ Power Cat.   Their boat was manufactured in Canada and unfortunately the company is no longer in business.

img_2227Our Thanksgiving this yr. will consist of navigating 82 miles to Fort Myers, Florida on this warm and sunny day.  Dave and Barb (Miss my Money) helped us untie they are staying in Venice until Monday.  There plans are to arrive in Fort Myers towards the end of December.

img_3792When we left Venice we were again navigating in what they call the ditch before we reached Lemon Bay.  The ditch is very narrow but it can be beautiful in some areas.

img_3793This is the South Venice Ferry so many use this to get to the Venice beach.  Fifty years ago South Venice residents walked to the beach on wooden footbridge that spanned Lemon Bays Northern Tip.  When the ICW was built-in 1960 the residents sued for beach access and they got their ferry in 1965.

img_3797Just past the ferry we came upon this old unused bridge.

img_3801When we got into Lemon Bay you need to make sure you stay in the center due to low water in this area.

We were so lucky to have the dolphins play with as we got close to Boco Grande.  We got some great pictures of them jumping way out of the water.  We saw more dolphins as we navigated to Fort Myers but they didn’t want to play with us.

img_3808This is a picture of marker R-16 the southern most point of the great loop as we navigated Pine Island Sound.

In San Carlos Bay there is a spot they call the miserable mile which could have strong currents caused by the ebb tide.  Ebb tide is the period between high tide & low tide during which water flows away from the shore.  Danger can accrue when the ebb tide on the coastal bay meets resistance of the ocean.  When we entered this area there was some strong current and Kent had to do some crabbing.  Crabbing means to navigate your boat in a straight line you need to go at an angle.  We were lucky it didn’t last long.

Off in the distance we can see Fort Myers.  We are now navigating on the Caloosahatchee River.  The river is on the Southwest Gulf Coast of Florida and is 67 miles long.  It drains rural areas on the northern edge of the Everglades and east of Fort Myers.  Caloosahatchee River is an important link to Okeechobee Waterway.   The water now has a brown tint to it not crystal clear like the gulf.

img_3829Now this looks like a fun floating bar to pull up to and have a cocktail.  It’s very colorful and what looks like people partying are manikins.  We arrived late at Fort Meyers marina and tied to an outside dock, with the help of a nice couple from SEAYA.   You should have seen Kent’s eyes light up when Mary form SEAYA gave him a big piece of homemade apple pie because we were having shrimp for dinner instead of turkey.


This was our Thanksgiving sunset how beautiful it was.


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