Fort Myers

Fort Myers is named in honor of Colonel Abraham C. Myers son-in-law of the Commander of Fort Brook in Tampa.  In 1821 Fort Myers was built along the Caloosahatchee River as one of the first base of operation during Seminole Indian War.  In 1916 Ford bought land in downtown Fort Myers next to Edison his mentor.  Edison imported and planted the royal palms that line McGregor Blvd.  This is the reason Fort Myers got it’s nickname “City Of Palms”.  In 1940 every county in Florida had an air base and the two in Fort Myers was Buchinghadre and Page Field.

Fort Myers is the gateway to the Southwest Florida region and popular for its white beaches, fishing and shopping.  Downtown has retained much of their charm.  You see parks and benches all over Fort Myers.

When we got to Fort Myers Yacht Basen on Thursday night our slip was not ready for us.  We tied up to an outside dock Thursday night.  Friday morning the marina move us to an inside transient dock until our slip was ready.  We didn’t mind we have a great view of the Caloosahatchee River and the bridges between Fort Myers and North Fort Myers.  We meet Kent and Jane from “Rising Tide” they are gold loopers (already finished the loop).  They are in front of us on the dock and are also waiting for their slip.

Kent and I got the boat tied up and then hooked up water and power.  I proceeded to wash all the salt of the back of the boat.  On Saturday morning Jane (Rising Tide) and I walked to the  grocery store, which is a beautiful scenic mile from the marina.   This is some of the great scenery you have on your way to the store.

The larger than life rusted iron giants are created by Colombian sculptor Edgardo Carmona.  He was born in Cartagena and studied mechanical engineering, business administration, fine art, painting and sculpture.  There are 23 Iron Giants revealed in several locations in the historic Fort Myers river district.  The Carmona exhibits are visiting Fort Myers after 18 city tour of Europe and stops in Italy, Germany, and France.



This is very different for me to see Christmas Trees all decorated and I am still wearing shorts.  I keep thinking it’s summer because of the nice weather.


A group of loopers meet at the Firestone Bar for happy hour, at 4.  You want to be early as the place fills up fast.  The building is four stories high with a bar on each floor.  The view was breath-taking from the fourth floor and quite popular in the evening.


Sunday Jane & Kent from Rising Tides invited Kent and I along with Jeff and Susan from M/V Gran Vida to their boat for dock tails.  Jeff and Susan are from Canada and doing the loop.  Jeff & Susan are pictured on the left and Kent and Jane are on the right.


Kent from RISING TIDE blows his conch at sunset every night. Conch is a common name to a number of medium or large sea snails and their shells.  This generally applies to large snails whose shell has a high spire and a noticeable siphonal canal( the shell comes to a noticeable pint at both ends.).   In North America a conch is often identified as a queen conch found off the coast of Florida.


On Monday night the marina had a going away party for Brian the dock master.  The Marina supplied hamburgers and steak and we brought a dish to pass.  There was so much good food.  What a great way to meet and socialize with other boaters.

We were privileged to be entertained by the Calender Girls.  They are a nonprofit song and dance team made up of 30 delightfully, dangerous doggie, loving divas over the age of 50.  They started in 2006 and their motto is “Maturity In Motion”.  They perform for private and public events and raise money for the Paw for Patriots Program.  They were a lot of fun to watch.  Sure wish I could move and look as good as they do.



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  1. Burkhalters says:

    Sure looks great to us!! Wld love to celebrate Christmas in shorts!! Had our 1st snow on Sun, 12/4; 4+”. Melting pretty fast; sorry I didn’t get a pic. Enjoy the sunshine, we’ll enjoy our winter coats&scarves!! LUVYA💞

    1. jansyverson says:

      Thinking of you guys. Have a safe winter. We are really enjoying this trip. Love you guys

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