Paul &Linda our friends are visiting.


Wednesday November 30 our good friends Paul & Linda Weber from Kieler, WI drove our car to Fort Myers for us.  They will be spending three weeks with us on the boat and we will be sight-seeing.  We had not seen one another for six long months and our reunion was wonderful.


On Friday with Paul as our chauffeur we all traveled to Sanibel and Captiva Island, which is known for beautiful white beaches, a vast assortment of shells, and art galleries.


The island bends like an elbow instead of lying parallel to the mainland.  This shape acts like a vacuum collecting an abundance of shells on the beaches.  Shelling created the famous “Sanibel Stoop and “Captiva Crouch” as visitors bending over to collect the shells.  These islands started with the Calusa Indians who came to collect shells for food, tools, and use as a foundation for their homes.  Shell mounds still dot southwest Florida.


Sister to Sanibel Island Captiva is just over a small bridge at Blind Pass that crosses Turner Beach, the ideal place to catch fish or discover colorful shells.  Captiva beaches stretch for five miles to the northern tip at Redfish Pass which was created by a Hurricane.


Now Linda wanted to go swimming but guess which one of us forgot their swim suite? (It wasn’t me). Linda and I still went swimming and walked the beach looking for shells. The water was a little cold but the temperature is in the 80’s so it felt great.


This beach will be a great place to bring our granddaughters when they come for Christmas.  They will love collecting shells.  I hope they have enough room in their suite cases to take all the shells home.


Ya !!we finally got moved to our permanent slip area.  This was good in one way but bad in another.  The boat is farther away from the dock due to the big green polls.  So now how are we getting off on the side.  So Kent and Paul really had to come up with a safe walk way.  They modified this walkway several times over three days even adding a railing for us girls.  It only took two trips to Home Depot.


The guys finally think they have it so Linda tested it out.  She made it without falling. They did a great job.

Linda and I are doing a lot of walking it’s nice to have someone to walk with.  The weather and scenery is so beautiful, hard to believe it’s almost Christmas.


Every Thursday morning in the park about a half mile away they have a farmers market. What a great way to get fresh produce and a walk.  The guys are good sports and walk with us to the market.  Sure glad they come so they can carry the produce back.


Monday we drove to Fort Myers beach and had a great lunch at the Piersidegrille.  The weather was great for a drive with the top down.


We walked to the end of the pier the view was wonderful.  Somebody was so nice to take a picture of us all together on the pier.


What do you think Paul was looking at?  The tree or the girl we will let that up to you.  Then you have Kent he is on a mission.


Fort Myers Beach is the playground of Lee County because of the seven mile island beach front that features parks, water sports, shopping, and many restaurants.



The second time we went to Fort Myers Beach we had drinks at Salty Sams on the beach.  Our waitress was a very nice person with a good sense of humor.  That was good considering she was dealing with Linda and Kent.


This is our snowman on the beach we call him our Sandman.  The good thing about our sandman he doesn’t melt when it’s 84 degree.  The sand is so soft and white.  We loved walking on it and the water is still warm for swimming.

Our Sandman


Good time with good friends and warm weather.  This picture was taken at Fort Myers Beach.


The crescent-shaped island is also known for its breath-taking sunset.  Once the sun goes down the nightlife is vibrant with places to dance, sing karaoke, or listen to live bands.


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  1. Burkhalters says:

    Awesome, love your pics & stories!! We’re looking at our “landscape of white” from indoors because it’s very cold and definitely NOT sand!! ENJOY. 🍻🍹CHEERS

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