Naples Beach

Hi guys, have been very busy sight-seeing with Paul & Linda.  We are traveling to as many beaches as we can.  The weather has been great. I know our friends and family at home are not having great weather.  So please don’t be to upset with us for our weather being so great.  We will have to return to reality next winter.

Naples is a city on the gulf of Mexico in southwestern Florida.  It’s known for high-end shopping & golf course.


The Naples Pier was built-in 1888 and is 1,000 feet long.  It’s  the city’s symbol & popular fishing and dolphin spotting.  This pier was rebuilt after hurricane Donna stormed through in 1964.  We walked to the end of the pier and saw dolphins swimming.  They have places to clean fish you caught on the pier.

It’s flanked by miles of breach with calm waters & fine white sugar sand.


Kent and Paul found shade under the pier.  Linda and I love to walk the beach and find  many different shells.  The water is not as cold as you would think in December.  I can’t believe I am swimming in December.

We had a great time on this beach for a few hours.  Linda and I went swimming and found some great sea shells.  The sand is so white and soft you feel like you are walking on flour.


This bird is called a Snowy Egret with yellow feet and black legs.  The Snowy Egret is a small white Heron.  The genus name comes from the Provençal French for Tyler Little gaiety.  They are not shy with people and love to have their picture taken.  When they find food on the beach they take and wash off all the sand before they eat it.

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