Fort Pierce

Well the winds finally died down and we are traveling again Ya!!!  The weather is overcast with occasional rain showers.  We are going through our last lock for a while St. Lucia which is a 12 foot drop.  As you can see by the picture they also us the lock doors for regulating the water level.

IMG_5956We are now traveling on the St Lucie River, it’s very narrow with many twists and turns.

We have been told that boaters on the AICW are not very courteous about slowing down. We are finding this to be very true.  If you hail the larger fishing boats for a slow pass they will oblige, most of the time.  When we got close to Stuart we had a bridge that needed to be raised and not far ahead was a very narrow train bridge.  You didn’t want to get caught between the two bridges, or meet a boat, as not much room.  This is what a mooring field looks like.  We have not used one of them yet but I am sure we will before the end of the trip.

We are now on the ACIW again or what the charts call the Indian River.  The Atlantic Ocean  is so clean and has such a aqua look to it.  We are in a very wide area but you really have to watch your depth finder and stay in the channel.

IMG_5976I thought this was a very different style of a home along the Inter Coastal Waterway.

IMG_5972We are staying at Harbour Isle on Causeway Island, which is across the bridge from Fort Pierce, Florida for two-days.  The marina doesn’t offer much, however they have long floating docks, a beautiful view of the AICW, and you can walk across the street to the beach.  They have a nice restaurant Chuck’s Seafood across the street with a nice view. We stopped and had a beer.

In Harbour Isle on the end of our dock we saw two of these big fishing boats, they are docked back to back.  One was yellow and the other was light blue.  We are not sure if they are privately owned or chartered.

IMG_6063There are a few restaurants in walking distance on Causeway Island.  If you want to go across the bridge to Fort Pierce you can call EZ Ride Shuttle, which looks like an oversized golf cart.  You just call and Laura will pick you up and take you across the bridge to downtown historical Fort Pierce or any place you want to go for a reasonable price.  Laura the drive was so nice she gave us a tour on Causeway Island.  Pointing out all the historic sites and great restaurants.  Then she took us across the bridge to Fort Pierce and did the same.

This is the old U.S. Coast Guard Station Flotilla 58, which has a long tradition of serving the boating public of Ft. Pierce and St. Lucie County, dating back to April 1, 1942.  It has surpassed seventy years of service to the U.S. Coast Guard and the communities.  They were going to open it up to the public for tours starting Saturday.  Will not get to see it as leaving on Friday morning.

Fort Pier is known as the Sunrise City sister to San Francisco, California known as the Sunset City.  Fort Pierce is named after army installation of Fort Pierce built-in the area in 1838, during the Second Seminole War.  It is part of the Treasure Coast a stretch of land from St. Lucie inlet to Sebastian inlet along the Florida’s Atlantic Coast.

Here are some of the historical buildings and information about them that we saw in Fort Pierce.  They have the St. Lucie History Center.  St. Lucie County holds a unique position in the history of Florida and the Treasure Coast.  Along these shores the early Ais tribe once fished, Spanish sailors shipwrecked, and the Seminole people hunted. Soldiers and settlers forged the future of Florida and pioneers endured hardships and enjoyed prosperity.

This is the  P.P. Cobb building built-in 1875.  The building was one of the first trading posts on the Treasure Coast.  It was located at the end of Cracker Trail which crossed the state.  The building was constructed with cypress siding and representative of Florida’s Cracker architecture.  It had several small shops one of them a clock shop.  Kent and I found several clocks that we loved,  good thing were on a boat or we may have purchased one of them.

Old City Hall is one of Fort Pierce’s first municipal building built-in 1926. The building exemplifies the Mediterranean style architecture.  It was restored in 1995.  We went inside there are offices on the first floor and the second floor is a ballroom.

IMG_6012The Sunrise Theater completed in 1923 was built as a vaudeville theater.  The interior features a full size stage, orchestra pit and balcony.  It has been completely renovated to its original elegance.  It was locked so we couldn’t view it and there were no performance schedules when we were there.  I am not having very good luck in going to a performance in some of these historical theater.

IMG_5998Seven Gales was built-in 1905 and was home to several different families.  It was sold in 1943 and converted into an establishment of ill repute, that was popular among many service men that were stationed nearby during WWII.  It has been relocated from US 1 and now serves as a visitor center. The front two rooms are set up as a museum of the original tenants.  The staff was very helpful in the information they gave us about Fort Pierce.

We saw the home that Bear Backus known as A.E.Buchas lived in.  The home is now a place for art shows.  They were setting up for one that evening.

Backus was an american artist famous for his vivid Florida landscapes.  He was a self-taught artist and recorded his journeys through his art work.  Bean Backus painted in both oil and water-color.  Backus Gallery is home of Bean Backus Florida landscape paintings.  A. E Backus lived modestly but gave generously to his friends and community.

1280px-AE_BackusThey have a Manatee Center that we didn’t go through, however we did get a close view of a manatee when we were walking the docks at the city Marina.  If you look close at the Manatees side you will see some white lines.  This is an indication that he got to close to a boaters propeller.  I thought this was a pretty unique looking water fountain at Fort Pierce City Marina.  Do you think we could get one of these at Frentress?  They would have to use a catfish instead of a dolphin.

We stopped at Cobb’s landing for a beer and Kent wanted a piece of Key Lime pie, what a combination.

They have a great barbecue place called Tillman’s Bar B-q but Kent didn’t get to eat there.   He didn’t pout to long ( Ha Ha) Instead we ate at 12-4 Buoy.  Kent and I shared their backed lobster mac and cheese.  I thought it was very good.  I don’t think Kent was as impressed.

Fort Pierce has a National Navy Seal museum.  The ground upon which the The National Navy Seal Museum and Memorial stands is recognized as the birthplace of the U. S. Navy Frogman.  We were unable to tour this museum due to the time they were open.  We are finding out you can’t see it all.  They also have a beautiful Veterans  Memorial Park.


We really enjoyed our time at Fort Pierce, Florida and now it’s time to move on.

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