Traveling to Beaufort S.C.

We left Savannah, Georgia Tuesday morning a day later than planed, due to bad weather.  That is one thing we learned, don’t travel if the weather is bad or do able.  We did have some severe storms on Monday, so took advantage of the day and stocked up the boat with provisions.  When we left on Tuesday the weather was sunny, warm, with a slight breeze a great day for traveling with Johnny & Liz (Anchor Down).

This is the Sam Vernadoe Basculer Bridge, the first opening bridge in Georgia and only one of two on the Georgia portion on the ICW.  The bridge didn’t have to open for us as it has a 21 feet clearance at high tide.

This section is called the Wilmington River in Georgia.  Its 17.3 miles long and flows through Chatham County along the east side of Savannah and Thunderbolt, Georgia.  The boat that passed us is the Panacea (Joan & Don) we first met them in Grafton Il. when we first started the trip back in August.  It has been a long time since we saw each other.  They will be staying at Beaufort City Marina with us.


This section was a little tricky there were two different ways to go, each way was marked with red and green marker.  We had to watch for the little yellow square on the markers that indicated we were traveling on the ICW.  Other wise we would have been going up the Herb River.  Areas like these can be very confusing so we need to watch the markings on the signs and our charts.  Johnny (Anchor Down) is following us I bet he hopes Kent knows what he is doing.

IMG_9213This is a big cargo ship on the Savannah River.  I had to look twice because it looks like a pile of cargo containers, until I saw it moving.  The other side of this island is the Savannah River.

We are now on the Savannah River Channel South which is still the ICW.  The channel is still in Georgia and is nearby to McQueen Island and Screens point.


This cargo ship is the OOCL-Kaoshsiung it’s 919 feet long 131 feet wide and 38 feet deep navigating 11 m/hr.  We have an AIS (Automatic Identification Systems) that will identify boat and ship that are transmitting.  That is how we knew all this information about th cargo ship.  This cargo ship was very big as we passed by it.  They are navigating on the Savannah River and we are traveling on the ICW that is how close they are.   We had to cross the Savannah River after we saw this ship.

They call this area Mud River Creek and Jones Island.  Take note to the sail boat off to the side he is stuck.  We are traveling at low tide so have to be very careful the captain got a little to close to low water ( lets just say we didn’t look like the sail boat).  Glad the bottom is mud so we just slid through, now I know why it’s called Mud River.

We are now in South Carolina and this section is called the Wright River and Cooper River.  Cooper river is a mainly tidal river of South Carolina.  We are heading on the ICW and Daufuskie Island awaits at the confluence of Calibogue Sound and the Cooper River.  The ICW continues to run past Daufuskie Island as the channel goes south along the Cooper River, Ramshorn Creek, and the New River.  The name Daufuskie originated from the early settlers identifying their island as “Da Fus Key”  Daufuskie Island has undergone big changes.  The old Lighthouse on Haig Point, a landmark for spotting the lighted buoy at the entrance to the Cooper River serves as the centerpiece of Hilton Head.  We didn’t go to Hilton Head but here is some information.  English navy Captain. William Hilton discovered Hilton Head Island in 1663.  It was used for growing crops such as Sea Island cotton, sugar and indigo.  It became a first-rate resort in 1950.  Hilton Head Island is probley the best known of South Carolina sea island, as the largest barrier island on the Atlantic Coast.  It is amply endowed by nature and history and offers something year around for everyone.

This area is called Beaufort River near Port Royal Sound.  It has been described as one of the greatest and fairest havens.  I thought it was a beautiful stretch to be navigating on.  I know the pictures are unable to capture the true beauty but thought I would share them with you.

Perhaps the best known marina along this stretch of the ICW is Harbor Town Yacht Basin.  Identified by its functioning red and white striped 90 foot lighthouse.  I took the picture on the left and Google took the picture on the right.


Separating Hilton Head Island from the Mainland is Mackay Creek.  The creek is also one of the waterways surrounding the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge, along with Skull Creek and the Port Royal Sound.   This area is on the Mackays Creek and is a private club marina for residents of Wexford Plantation.  The marina has its own locking systems and is not open to the public.  It was beautiful as we passed by and very long.  I even learned how to take a panorama picture of the island.

This is called Skull Creek the north entrance to Hilton Island, South Carolina.  Skull Creek is a historic archeological site located at Hilton Head Island, Beaufort County, South Carolina.  The site includes two of 20 more prehistoric Indian shell middens in a ring shape located from the central coast of South Carolina to the central coast of Georgia.

This is Hilton Head Island Marina on the ICW off our Starboard side.  I thought it made for a beautiful picture.


This is called Skull Creek Marina big and beautiful.   We are not staying here as our destination is Beaufort City Marina, in Beaufort, South Carolina.  From Savannah to Beaufort has been a very beautiful trip.  I didn’t want to even cook lunch because I was afraid I would miss something.  The landscape and homes are so different from what we have seen.  I could tell we were out of Georgia and in South Carolina by the style of homes along the ICW.

We are now at Beaufort Marina and again we had strong winds when we docked.  I really think it waits for us to dock so the winds can pick up.  Glad the winds were blowing us towards the dock.  We filled with gas and only move down to the end of the dock for our stay.

We have fives other loopers in the marina with us Anchor Down, Panacea, Sanctuary, Happy Happy, and a new looper we haven’t met yet.  Liz and I went for a walk, to check out the river walk way.  It’s so beautiful what more can I say.

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    Love these beautiful stately homes!! Great scenic pics along the ICW. Thanks So Much for taking us along on your awesome trip!! LOVINIT😍

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