Traveling to Osprey Marina




We left Georgetown Wednesday morning at 8:30 and we are heading for what every body tells us is he best marina Myrtle Beach, SC called Osprey.   The weather is sunny and a little on the cool side ( I like it this way for a while) we only have a 30 mile day.    Jonny and Liz (Anchor Down ) are traveling with us.  It’s nice to have other people to travel with for a lot reasons.

We are traveling on the Waccamaw River is 140 miles long in Southeastern North Carolina and Eastern South Carolina.  It drains in the coastal plain along the eastern border between the two states then into the Atlantic Ocean.  In the 19th century planters had extensive rice cultivation on lands of the lower Waccamaw river.  This labor intensive crop required thousands of slaves, mostly Africans and their descendants.  After the American Civil war emancipation lead to decline of the industry.


This picture shows you the entrance to Butler Island a very scenic and natural area with nesting Eagle families.   When traveling the Waccamaw River the Pee Dee River is off to the Port side (left).  Butler Island divides the ICW & Pee Dee river.


Jericho Creek is an inlet within South Carolina and is nearby to Butler Island, Hagley Estates, and Simmonsville.  Jericho Creek is also close to Pee Dee River Rice Planters historic District.


We are still on what they call Waccamaw River.  I just had to share these pictures of how captivating it is. On the seaward side of the Waccamaw River mariners visiting the renowned Brookgreen Gardens plantation home once used Brookgreen Creek, but a barrier now blocks the entrance.

There were some plantation homes tucked in the trees we saw along the way. These home owners sure have a beautiful view.

This is the Heritage Plantation Maria is located at Pawleys Island.  There were some charming condos on the starboard( right) side before we reached the marina.  We are not staying here I thought it was picture worthy.  Across from the marina was this sail boat all by its lonely self.  The marina is in Murrells inlet which is a self proclaiming seafood capital of South carolina.

This is what we saw navigating north on the Waccamaw River and this area is called Bull Creek.  People ask me what has been my favorite place so far.  Our side trip on the Tennessee River to Chattanooga was amazing but navigating up the Waccamaw River is second.  Kent and I said the river looks like the Mississippi River during flood stage its beyond beautiful.  The Waccamaw River deep to its wooded banks is possible the most scenic part of the ICW Route.  Moss draped cypresses line its side streams.  Wild flowers of all descriptions grow in cypress stump and the water looks like tea.


This area has small creeks running off in different directions they are called Clark Creek, Peach Creek and Enterprise Creek.  I just call it exquisite what do you all think?


Just before we got to Osprey Marina we had two jet skies pass us.  I told Kent now I know I’m back on the Mississippi.  This is the entrance to Osprey Marina located along the Waccamaw River built around a quiet, secluded basin tucked down a narrow tree-lined channel.  They say a picture is worth a million words I hope this one is.  The marina only lets one boat at a time come in and dock.  There is not a lot of room to maneuver  but the good news very little current.  We filled with fuel and then turned around and docked the boat.

These are pictures of Osprey Marina you feel like your out in the wilderness its beautiful.  I could stay here for a week and just soak up all this out-door beauty.

The marina is a great place to stay with low fuel prices and a $1.00 per ft for dockage.  When you check in we received a captains bag it was loaded with treats that show this marina understands what boaters enjoy.  The ships store looks and feels very homey.

The only way other than foot you can get from your boat to the ship store is by a golf cart.  They have goats on the property.  When Liz and I stopped to take a picture they all came running.  This is what we saw opposite the marina heading back to our boat by golf cart.

We rented a car so we could all get provisions for our boats.  We made the mistake of going to Wal-Mart instead of finding a grocery store.   This was the worst I have ever experienced.  We wait in line to check out for 45 minutes.  Thursday we are all going to Myrtle Beach.

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