Traveling to Myrtle Beach Marina 4 – 14 – 2017




Friday morning we left Osprey Marina at 8:30 after Johnny was done fueling.  The weather is sunny,  warm, and no wind.  We have another short day only navigating 30 miles.  Johnny from (Anchor Down) and Kent likes these short days.  We are still navigating on the Waccamaw River (AICW) through deep wooded banks.

This is the Socastee Swing Bridge it pivots by demand and was built-in 1935.  This area is called the old turn basin.

These are just pictures of how amazing the homes are along this area.

This bridge is called the Grissom Parkway Bridge along with a railroad bridge that is usually opened.  AICW veterans, especially commercial skippers call these two bridges the “Combination Bridges”.   The railroad bridge looks very tall when you’re navigating under it.  One picture is navigating towards the bridge and the other is taken out the back of the boat.

These are just some pictures of how amazing this area looks.  Kent and I are very fortunate to be on this journey enjoying all its beauty and history.  I hope you all enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoy taking them.

There appears to be almost continuous new shore side development on both sides of the AICW, unfortunately they have lost the natural beauty.  The homes were amazing to see as we navigated the AICW but the wooded natural area were more enjoyable to me.  They said this area has 120 golf courses.  I would say that golf is popular in this area.  Now I don’t play golf but what I could see they have some beautiful golf courses.

This area is called Ocean Front Marina and Grand Dunes.  They have some very big homes along this section.

This is the Grand Dunes Bridge which is private and of unique style, which leads to the private residential community of Grande Dunes.  The Grande Dunes Marina is located in a dredged basin just beyond the bridge on the ocean side of the ICW.



We are still on the Waccamaw River (ICW) in South Carolina.  I took a picture of this amazing boat ramp.  We haven’t seen to many boat ramps this beautiful.  The bottom picture is a group of people on some kind of two passenger rental boats.  It looked like they were having a great time and what a view.


This is Barefoot landing swing bridge across the AICW  There is a Marina before the bridge and the Marina is called of course Barefoot Marina.

Well now the fun begins this is the worst stretch known on the AICW called The Rock Pile and is three miles long.  They even have danger signs posted.   The “Rock Pile” is a man-made canal section of the AICW officially known as the Pine Island cut running between Little Rock and Waccamaw River.  The canal is narrow and lined with submerged rocks and a rock shelf.  When building this portion of the AICW in 1930 they encountered a solid shelf of granite which they blasted through.  Well we navigated through this area with out a problem YA.


Nixon Crossroads has two bridges the highway bridge and Little River Swing Bridge.  The bridges denote the dividing line between fresh and salt water.  We had to wait about 10 minutes for the swing bridge to open.  The bridge tender wanted all boats behind us to go through while it was open.   The bottom pictures are homes near the bridge which I took while waiting for the swing bridge to open.



This is the smallest tug we have ever seen.  Now this is what they call a pink house.

The view as we reach our entrance from the AICW into Myrtle Beach Yacht Club Marina on Little River.


We went up to the  Officers club for their famous chicken wings and $2.25 can beer.  We had a wonder full evening delicious wings, live entertainment, and we enjoyed it with great friends.  When we left the bar we had this amazing sunset.




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