Traveling to New Bern




We left Homer Marina at 7:15 Friday morning hoping to beat the high winds that were predicted.  We are going to New Bern for a rendezvous and Johnny and Liz (Anchor Down) are going to stay at Oriental Marina.  When we left the wind was starting to pick up and the sun was shinning.


This section we are traveling on is called Newport River, it’s a small river that runs twelve miles southeast with its mouth opening into Bogue Sound between Morehead City and Beaufort.  It is popular for flatware padding and canoeing.  It’s so nice to be traveling in a beautiful narrow area.  It reminds me of the rivers back home.

img_1359How lucky this home owner is to have such a beautiful place to leave and the view is beautiful in this area called Core Creek   Some of the areas on the AICW are so amazing.



This is the Core Creek Bridge one of relatively few swing span typed bridges that survive at the regional and nation level.  This area has trees lining both sides of the AICW.  No more palm trees, so sad.


We are now traveling on the Adams Creek Canal which is seven miles long which started at the end of Core Creek until the mouth Neuse River.


We went past this home and they have their own personal helicopter in the yard.  Look at how beautiful the woods are behind their home.


We were so worried about this area being wavy due to winds.  I guess we were wrong how much calmer can you get.  Doesn’t this remind you of the Mississippi River.  It’s hard to believe that this is the ICW.


Johnny and Liz have split off from us and are heading to Oriental which has become widely known as “The Sailing Capital of North Carolina”.  We are now navigating 22 miles to New Bern on the Neuse River which is not on the ICW.  The river has one other the three oldest surviving English applied place names in the U.S. Colonist named the Neuse River after its name by the American Indians tribe known as Neusiok, with whom the early Raleigh expeditions made contact.   The Neuse River is 275 miles making it the longest river in North Carolina  and emptying into the Pamlico Sound below New Bern.

img_1387The Alfred A Cunningham Drawbridge opened in 2010 after replacing a 1954 swing bridge that was demolished in 2008.


It’s 1:00 on Friday and we are now docked at the New Bern Grand Harbor where we will stay along with 40 other looper boat for the rendezvous which starts on Tuesday.  New Bern is a very old historic town and this marina is amazing.

It was so nice that John & Pam ( Short Vacation) hosted cocktails on their boat. We had Kent & I ( Follow that Dream) Mark & Becky (MaraBell) Marshall & Judy (Let’s Go) and Bruce & Beverly ( Seaquest) they are from Worthington, MN our old stopping grounds.

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