Traveling May 2, 2017


We left Dowry Creek near Belhaven, North Carolina this morning around 8:00 with three other loopers, Anchor Down, Let’s Go, and Seaquest.  The rain has stopped, sun is shinning, and wind is not bad so far.  This marina was great, wish we could have stayed longer.  Captain Kent did a great job backing out of the tight area where we were docked.  It’s a good thing we didn’t travel Monday as they closed the Alligator swing bridges due to high winds.

We are traveling on the Pungo River heading north and this wide area can become quite wild with high winds.


We are now on the Alligator River-Pungo River Canal or some call it the ditch.    The Alligator River is a small river in easter North Carolina, it empties into Albemarle Sound, but you will not see any alligator as we are to far north.

We are navigating the 21 mile canal that connects the Alligator River with Pungo River to its West.  Many believe that Alligator River is named for its shape and mere connection to the swamp.  The river is very scenic and heavily wooded at its upper end, with the canal being relatively narrow.


This is the first barge we have seen in a long time.


If you take a close look you will see how brown the water is in this area that is due to the tannins ( Old High German word for oak or fir trees) it’s the amino acids and alkaloids in the tree roots or different plants.


We are now navigating in a wider part of the Alligator River it’s quite rough with side waves.  Remember when I said things don’t move to much down below in the boat, I spoke to soon.  I was below trying to balance and put things down when we had one big side wave hit us, the plate on the counter came crashing down and lets say its history.  While alligator River is wide and deep in this area stages are frequent so we must follow the markers and stay in the channel.


We had 15 miles of this rough water and only a slight wait at the Alligator swing bridge.

We are now staying at Alligator Marina in a very short dock.  The winds were so strong there was no way we could back the boats in.  Johnny & Liz are next to us with the dock being so narrow we are both using the same ladder to climb on our boats.  Our plans were to stay here one night and travel the Albemarle Sound to Coinjock on Wednesday as the winds will not be strong.  This may all change as we found out that two bridges after Coinjock are closed due to high water.  Will find out Wednesday morning if we can navigate to the Coinjock were we do have reservations.  The boats that left Coinjock had to return and then you have the ones scheduled to be there.  I call it a night mare for everyone.  Will see what happens.

Alligator Marina has a very nice room for boaters where you can bring snacks, watch tv, or visit with other loopers.  So we took advantage of the room for looper docktails.


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