Traveling on Sunday to Worton Creek

Sunday morning we left Annapolis for a short 30 mile day to Worton Creek Marina in Chestertown, MD.  The weather this morning was cool and cloudy with very little wind.  This had to be the smoothest day we have had traveling the Chesapeake Bay.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge commonly known as the “Bay Bridge is a major dual span bridge in Maryland.  Spanning the Chesapeake Bay it connects the states’ rural Eastern Shore region with the urban Western Shore.  The original span opened in 1952, with a length of 4.3 miles it’s the world’s longest continuous over water steel structure; the parallel span was added in 1973.  The bridge is officially named the “Gov. William Preston Lane, Jr. Memorial Bridge” after the 52nd Governor Preston Lane of Maryland.  Governor Lane initiated its construction in the late 1940s finally after decades of political indecision and public controversy.


Sandy Point Shoal is a brick 51 ft. three-story lighthouse on a caisson foundation that was erected in 1883.  It lies about .6 miles off Sandy Point, north of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.  The current light replaced a brick tower on the point itself, integral to the keeper’s house which was erected in 1857.  The whole gamut of light sources has been run, from oil wicks to incandescent oil vapor (1913) to electricity (1929).  The present light is powered by a pair of solar panels attached to the roof on the south side.  The light was automated in 1963 and was vandalized due to its visibility and its accessibility.   The original lens was destroyed in 1979 smashed with a baseball bat.


This ship is the Csl-tacoma 751 ft. long and 105 wide travel 12.7 m/ph.   We hope tomorrow when we navigate the 14 mile C&D cannel we don’t met a ship this size.

I took this picture coming into the Worton Creek Marina it was so beautiful.  We were told that this was a beautiful, peaceful, well protected marina and they were right.  We had no problem docking and the staff were very helpful.

The Harbor House Restaurant is at the top of the hill.  We had dinner there tonight and the food was very good.  We are only staying one night, unless the weather is not good on Monday.  There was no sunset picture due to a very cool cloudy day.

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