We couldn’t leave



Tuesday mornings bright and early we untied and left Atlantic City, NJ.  We went out the Absecon Inlet with a forecast of only 3-4 foot waves.  Kent had checked the tides and they were at transition between high or low which means the flow would not add to the waves. The farther out we navigated the inlet the stronger the waves became, some seemed over seven feet and we had a 60 miles day ahead of us.  To make the turn out into the Atlantic Ocean the waves would be hitting us on the side and that’s something you never want.  This would have been a rough ride.  This was the only time on our trip so far that I was scared to be on the water.  At this point if we would have turned around and a big wave could have hit us sideways there would have been a chance the boat would be on its side or even worse.  When Kent asked me if I wanted to go back to the slip it didn’t me long to say YES !  Kent also decided this was not worth it, so-called Johnny on the VHF radio and told him we were about to turn back to the marina.  At this point Kent remembered from a speaker at a Great Loop seminar that big waves come in sets of three that are called the “Three Witches” and are usually followed by 6 or 7 smaller waves.  Captain Kent started counting the waves and the big ones did come in sets of three.  After a few more counts of the Witches he did a very fast u-turn on the smaller ones and headed back to the Marina.  I guess this was a test of the theory when the wind quits give it one more day for the waves to calm down.  As we were heading back to the marina a 92 ft. yacht was heading out and causing a seven-foot wake we had to cross, not pretty.  Lets say after we were secured on the dock I was ready for a drink.  The rest of Tuesday was raining and gloomy glad we are docked.

We now have the traveling rain jackets and this is the story.  As I posted we rented a car last week on Friday to tour Philadelphia.  They where predicting rain so we decided to take our rain jackets and umbrella with us.  Of course when you take them you don’t need them.  To make a long story short I forgot them in the rental car and didn’t realize it until Sunday night.  We called Enterprise and they where closed on Monday.  So after we got back to the slip Tuesday morning we called and they found them right were I left them in the trunk.  So with the help of Bruce Miller (harbor host) who drove to Enterprise and retrieved them.  Marshall & Judy (Lets Go) at South Jersey Marina, in Cape May  found out who was navigating to Atlantic City today (Wednesday) and Jim & Mandy (Shell Bell) who returned them to us.  As soon as we had our rain jackets the sun came out after four days of no sun.

We were finally able to take advantage of the Golden Nuggets great pool area.  We met Mike and Karen (Tranquillity III) Marshall & Judy (Let’s Go) Johnny & Liz (Anchor Down) Jim (Shell Bell) at the pool for some needed fun in the sun.

Tomorrow Thursday we are leaving with less waves predicted.  We are hoping to be in New York on Friday.   This is how beautiful the hotels are lite up tonight with clear sky’s and no wind.



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