We traveled today to Brielle, N.J.


We left Atlantic City, New Jersey this morning with sunny sky’s and a slight breeze from the South with a 60 mile day ahead of us.  As we ventured out once again into the Atlantic Ocean leaving Absecon Bay we had what I call soft rollers.  This was so much better than we had two-days ago.

Barnegat light is located at the northern tip of Long Beach Island next to Barnegat Inlet Ocean City, New Jersey.  Barnegat Lighthouse colloquially known as “Old Barney is 163 feet high and the second tallest lighthouse in the United States.  The familiar red and white tower was commissioned into service in 1859 and served faithfully until 1944 when it was decommissioned.  The light was relit on January 1, 2009 and now flashes a white light every 10 seconds.  A Private group maintaines the light house.


This area is Seaside Heights in Ocean County, New Jersey situated on the Barnegat Peninsula a long narrow barrier peninsula that separates Barnegat Bay from the Atlantic Ocean.  Seaside Heights calls itself ” Your Home For Family Fun Since 1913″.  The community is also known as the location of the hit MTV show “Jersey Show.”  In 1915 a covered pier was constructed to house a carousel and built a boardwalk.  On June 9,1955 due to a malfunctioning neon sign there was a fire that became know as Freeman’s Fire, a total of 85 buildings were destroyed.  In October 29, 2012 substantial portions of the boardwalk were damaged and much of the borough was flooded as a result of Hurricane Sandy.  Funtown Pier and Casino Pier suffered major damage.  On september 12, 2013 a ten alarm fire swept from the Funtown Pier northward. The fire is believed to have started under the boardwalk and wind pushed it northward.  Fireman were able to control the fires by tearing up the newly replaced boardwalk which had been destroyed less than a yr. ago by Hurricane Sandy.  Jack & Bill’s Bar and Kohr’s Kustard were two business that were both destroyed in the 1955 and 2013 fire.

The closer we got to the Manasquan Inlet the more the wind picked up now coming out of the West.  This happens every time we get close to docking the wind picks up.  We use to blame it on Johnny that he couldn’t say the “w” word.  Manasquan is in Monmouth County, New Jersey its name of Lenape origin deriving from “Man-A-Squaw-Han” meaning (stream of the island of squaws).  Manasquan was formed as a borough on December 30,1887.  The Inlet provides surfers with waves that are corralled, refracted and enlarged by the jetty protruding out into the Atlantic Ocean.  The Manasquan Inlet reopened in 1931 is the northern terminus of the inland portion of the ICW.  Surfers may like the waves but I didn’t as we entered the inlet along with its very strong current.

We are staying at the Hoffman’s Marina for one night (we hope).  The docks are wooden and fixed and they have a 6 ft. tide change.  I don’t know if I can even get off the boat it’s  so far way from the dock.

This is the Brielle Draw Bridge a single track of the New Jersey Transit Rail Operation between Manasquan and Port Pleasant Beach Stations which opened in 1911.  It provides commuter rail service in New Jersey with most service centered on transportation to and from New York City, Hoboken, and Newark.  This draw bridge when you go through looks really old and you hope it will stay open until your through.  We watched as they lowered it for a commuter train.


This is the best picture I could get of our sunset.  New York here we come!!!!!!!!


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