Havanna, Il. 9-3-17


Sunday morning we left IVY Marina with the sun shinning brightly and a slight wind.

26AD52B1-1541-4277-91B2-27538C9EA0CBWe are traveling with Tim & Alice (Observer) from Boston in front of us and Jim & Kay (Hiatus) from Milwaukee behind us.

This is Peoria, Il. it lies along the Il. River.  The city is named for the Peoria Indians, one of the five tribes in the Illinois confederacy who inhabited the area before the European settlement.  Peoria is one of the oldest settled locations and a major port on the Illinois River.  It’s a trading and shipping center for a large agricultural area that produces corn, soybeans, and livestock.  Caterpillar Inc,  a heavy machinery company and the city’s largest employer, has its international headquarters here.  The city was once home to many distilleries and breweries that closed in the 1980s.

F8B41EEF-131B-4621-B9C7-45F8A220DDDEPeoria Lock & Dam # 7 is a wicket dam/lock and during low water the wickets are raised to dam the river and provide sufficient depths for navigation.  During high water the wickets are lowered to the bottom of the river to allow the traffic to pass over the without having to lock through.


Union Pacific Rail Road Lift Bridge built-in 1912.  An US coast guard report states this bridge is the second most frequently struck bridge in the US with 95 collisions between 1992 to 2001.

This is how beautiful the Illinois River is.  It reminded us of the Mississippi River with all the islands.  We are almost to the Mississippi River I don’t know if that is good or bad.  I have a lot of mixed emotions the closer we get to home.


This is the entrance to Tall Timbers Marina doesn’t look very wide and the river stage is very low.  Hope we can get into the marina without stirring up to much mud.   Jim & Alice (Observer) are going to follow us in but Jim & Kay (Hiatus) decided to anchor for the night and will join us again in the morning.


We made it to our dock without stirring up to much mud.  Now Tall Timbers Marina is not much to look at but the people are very friendly.

They have a bar that only stays opened to Labor Day with outside restrooms.  As you can see the restrooms have everything you need toilet, ashtray, and water to wash your hands.  The bar was full and the people at the bar were wild, loud, and having one last bash before it closed for the season.  The mosquitoes had a different agenda and when they came out everybody left the bar and went downtown.


I am not sure I would like to have our boat pulled out here.

Kent and I had a nice time visiting with Tim and Alice over dock tails.  They decided to walk to town for dinner we ate on the boat.

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