Crossing our wake at Grafton, Il.

Grafton, Il. is the oldest city in Jersey County, Il founded in 1832 by James Mason, Grafton.  It’s located near the confluence of the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers.   Grafton population reached its peak at approximately 10,000 in 1850, with opportunities coming from the local stone quarries, boat building, and commercial fishing.  The great flood of 1993 caused significant damage to many of Grafton’s structures, as well as causing a third of the city’s residents to move out of the city.  The effects of the flood are still present as the city has not yet reached the population it had before the flood.


We arrived in Grafton Il, at 11:35 on September 5, 2017 were we officially crossed our wake.


It didn’t take Kent long to change our white flag (burgee) to the new gold flag.   Our white flag was proudly flown on the front of our boat since we left our home port in East Dubuque Il. on August 3, 2016.  Our white flag is a little weathered and faded.  It has been through rain, wind, and traveled 6,485 miles on our journey.  Our white flag has gone through 130 locks, 18 states, 3 great lakes,  3 major canal systems, 9 rivers and Ontario, Canada.

IMG_9719We can now officially fly our gold burgee.  Our first time in Grafton was August 7, 2016 over a year ago.

We had just started the loop and we met Joan & Don (Panacea) and Lee from Texas, who was almost done with the loop.


In fact we are even in the same slip we were in last year when we stayed here.

Fellow loopers that we are with this time in Grafton Harbor are Steve & Betsy ( Heaven to Betsy), Tim & Alice ( Observer), Lars & Erja (Ambikaart), and Jim & Kay (Hiatus).  Something very interesting about Lars & Erja is before they started the loop they had a sail boat and for five years they sailed around the world.  After that adventure they came to the United States, bought a power boat, and are now doing the loop.  Their home is in Uppsala , Sweden.

Jim & Kay (Hiatus), Loral & Brian (Port-A-Gee) and Lars & Erja (Ambikaart) who were so sweet to host docktails on their boat, all helped us celebrate crossing our wake.  This is what they call bitter-sweet.


Kent and I along with fellow loopers enjoyed dinner at the Marinas restaurant “Oyster Bar”.  The food was good and it’s always nice to enjoy dinner with other loopers.


Johnny from (Anchor Down) told Kent he had to eat at the Hawg-Pit that they served great barbecue food.  So the night before we left Steve & Betsy ( Heaven to Betsy) and Tim & Alice (Observer) joined us for dinner.  Johnny you were right and Kent was in heaven eating his barbecue ribs.


This is our beautiful sunset at Grafton Harbor.


What a view to end another great day on the Great Loop.



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